Amassoma, one of the flood affected communities along with a host of numerous Nigerian communities have escaped flooding in 2021. Amassoma have been ravaged by flood in recent times from 2018, 2019 and 2020. Thankfully for all, 2021 flooding period is winding down and there is no trace of flood ever.

Bayelsa as a whole, according to Gov. Douye Diri  is about 80% under water virtually every year. This means that when it gets flooded, a larger part of Bayelsa lands are affected and Amassoma is one of the most affected communities.

Although the community was also flooded in 2012 being the highest of all the flooding in recent times, the new succession of flooding started in 2018 where it has continued to flood till 2020. Earlier in 2021, expectations were also very high that the flood will also come up. However, this is now mid October, 2021 and there is no sign of flooding.

Is NDU/Amassoma Flooded With Water Yearly?

One may actually be forced to ask what is actually causing the flood? From local observation, the flooding is not actually caused by normal rainwater. Rather, it is caused by release of dam water. If the water level in the dam is seen to threaten the integrity of the dam, the water may be released to minimize the water, thereby flooding lower localities and communities.

In the recent flooding in Amassoma, especially in 2019 and 2020 flood, it was regularly observed that the water level increases noticeably without corresponding rainfall in a stretch of two weeks. This increase has been the cause of flooding in recent times. However, no such increase was noticed in this year, thereby giving the community dweller a respite over the yearly flooding.

Amassoma Flood Aftermath: Significant Observations

Flooding in recent times has negatively affected the Amassoma community in various ways. It forces the NDU to suspend academic activities for up to two months, it reduced dwellers as many students leave the community, seek refuge at home. It drastically affects the Amassoma local economy. Higher cost of food, people are sacked from their homes, making many seek refuge by the higher roadside. No electricity during flood, no portable drinking water, increased poor health conditions as a result of exposure to mosquitoes and other health hazards.

Douye Diri in Amassoma: Sympathizes with Flood Victims

As we approach 2022, we hope and anticipate that the rainy periods will also be devoid of flood, bringing Amassoma back to its normal state where locals and students thrive.

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