Many alumnus of the Niger Delta University have frowned at perceived lopsided conduct of the outgoing executives and how the new eleco emerged.

Prior to the Saturday 9th October, 2021 congress held at Ebenikiri Town Hall, Amassoma, there has been assertions and allegations that the alumni executives are planning to sideline various interested persons who are nurturing interest to vie for various positions.

NDU Alumni Releases Cost of Nomination Forms

While expressing his position, Comrade Fawei Enifie James, the current national general Secretary of the NDUAA who had expressed interest in the presidency posted that “I frowned at the way and manner the last emergency congress went, however I was part of that emergency congress that nominated and constituted an electoral committee to conduct elections and usher in a new National Executive Council”.

Comr. Fawei also asserted that he did not take part and was not aware of any emergency Congress wherein an interim National Executive Council was constituted. That to the best of his knowledge and in accordance with the constitution, upon the expiration of the tenure by (November 7,2021), if the NEC is unable to carry out the electioneering process, the ‘BOT’ takes over and not an interim National Executive Council.

The controversy trailing the NDU alumni has got many talking on social media. An alumnus held that “the name should just be changed to Amassoma Alumni Association. NDU Alumni may be disbanded like SUG since that’s the way the leadership have decided to run it like a Kindergaten association”.

When contacted on the crisis, the former NDU alumni, Barr. Opuowei Daniel stated we all have different genes and varying opinions, hence, outcomes are bound to clash. To resolve these clashes, the body have decided that the purported interim leadership does not exist, while new eleco should be constituted.

Several other alumnus also posted their grievances online. Steve Tekerebo posted that “you cannot settle illegality with illegality: NDU alumni now made up of more than 1 interim rule, those who started the interim illegality should be held accountable…. (power desperation with selfish motives)”.

As we anticipate happenings in the coming days, we believe those behind this crisis in the alumni will retrace their step and allow the NDU-Alumni maintain its peace.

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