The following are names, details and worth of promotions won by our customers from 2018 till date. Please note that our promos are ongoing and more winners are expected to emerge.

Check the list of students who have benefited from our giveaways

1. Igbongidi Prince

(N5,000, Winner, Face of A & U Ng, 2018 academic session):

Prince Igbongidi

Actual photo of Prince Igbongidi that won the first face of A & U Ng

Igbongidi Prince was the first Face of A & U Ng who emerged in June, 2019. Prince who was admitted into the NDU to study Philosophy instead of his original course (Law), later wrote Jamb in the 2019/2020 academic session, wrote Post UTME and got Law.

Igbongidi Prince have since moved from Main campus (Philosophy) to Law Faculty in Yenagoa and is currently a 200 level Law student of NDU. Prince is a brilliant and a dedicated scholar, an achiever and determined to the core.

2. Amb Ilomechine Solomon Isiawele (N5,000)

Solomon Ilomechine

Actual photo of Solomon Ilomechine that won the second face of A & U Ng

Amb Ilomechine Solomon Isiawele is the second Face of A & U Ng. Solomon is a UG/19 student and a current 200 level Mass Communication student of NDU. He is currently working on GuarantyFm
Solomon is a go-getter and a focused student. He handed over to the next Face of A & U Ng.

3. Akpoti Constance Azibato (N10,000)

Akpoti Constance Azibato

Actual photo of Akpoti Constance Azibato that won the second face of A & U Ng

Akpoti Constance Azibato is a 200 level Direct Entry student of the Department and Faculty of Nursing who emerged as the winner of the Face of A & U Ng for the 2020/2021 academic session.

The prize for the Face of A & U Ng for the 2020/2021 academic session was increased as patronage has improved over time and we could no longer maintain the N5,000 earlier paid. We hope that by the time of 2021/2022 academic session, we would have been able to pay up to N20,000 for the Face of A & U Ng.

4. Marvel Gare (N7,000 group photo winner in 2019 Face of A & U Ng)

Marvel Gare

Actual photo of Marvel Gare that won the A & U Ng group matric photos

Marvel Garie is one of our matric picture contest winner. He won N7,000 for the group category. Although the group photo was not used for our cover photo because it lacks element of specification.

Marvel Gare

Marvel Gare

5. Arekumor Patrick (First N100,000 winner of A & U Ng first edition School Fees Promo)

Arekumor Patrick (Actual photo of promo claim, March 29th, 2021).

Master Arekumor Patrick Ebiarede is the first winner of the A & U Ng first edition school fees promo. He won N100,000 which was used as part of his N120,000 school fees. He brought in the balance of N20,000 the next day and his school fees was paid immediately. Check out the links below:

Arekumor Patrick Ebiarede Clinched A & U Ng’s First N100,000 School Fees Promo Bash

Arekumor School Fees Paid in Full

6. Ogbenya Victory (Second N100,000 winner of A & U Ng first edition School Fees Promo)

Ogbenya Victory

Ogbenya Victory

Miss Ogbenya Victory emerged as the second winner of A & U Ng school fees raffle draw. The A & U Ng school fees raffle draw was launched prior to the 2020/2021 undergraduates online clearance. Check the link below to read more…

Meet Ogbenya Victory, Second Winner, A & U Ng N500,000 Raffle Draw

7a. Shadrach Uchenna (Won N10,000 highest Jamb Scorer, 2021)

Shadrach Uchenna

Shadrach Uchenna

Shadrach Uchenna, from Abia State won our highest Jamb scorer who won our 10k promo with a Jamb score of 307.
His choice of institution is University of Porthacourt, Medicine and Surgery.

7b Oyovwe Emmanuel Elooghene (Won N20,000 highest Jamb Scorer, 2021)

Oyovwe Emmanuel Elooghene

Oyovwe Emmanuel Elooghene won the Global Jamb Candidates highest Jamb Score for the 2022/2023 academic session. Oyovwe pulled 308 to win the highest scorer amongst customers of Global Jamb Candidates on the 17th of May, 2022

8a. Amoren Samson Izegaigbe  (1st N5,000 Post UTME promo winner, 2021/2022. Sept. 30th, 2021)

Amoren Samson Izegaigbe

Amoren Samson Izegaigbe (Sept., 30th, 2021)

Amoren Samson Izegaigbe opened the way for other candidates as he wins the first A & U Ng Post UTME Applicaton Promo September 30th, 2021. This promo is ongoing. Others will be announced later. 20 lucky post UTME candidates are expected to win N5,000.

8b. Boyo Faith Oritsemisan (2nd N5,000 Post UTME promo winner, 2021/2022. Oct. 5th, 2021)

Boyo Faith Oritsemisan

Boyo Faith Oritsemisan (Oct. 5th, 2021)

8c. Smith Victor Bassey (3rd N5,000 Post UTME promo winner, 2021/2022. Oct. 11th, 2021)

Smith Victor Bassey

Smith Victor Bassey (Oct. 11th, 2021)

8d. Efekemo Ufuoma Naomi (4th N5,000 Post UTME promo winner, 2021/2022. Oct. 14th, 2021)

Efekemo Ufuoma Naomi

Efekemo Ufuoma Naomi (Oct. 14th, 2021)

8e. Samson Boloumbele Ebiegberi (5th N5,000 Post UTME promo winner, 2021/2022)

Samson Boloumbele Ebiegberi

Samson Boloumbele Ebiegberi (20th Oct., 2021)

8f. Mbanusi Dennis Ikenna (6th N5,000 Post UTME promo winner, 2021/2022)

Mbanusi Dennis Ikenna

Mbanusi Dennis Ikenna (20th Oct., 2021)

8g. Oghenemarho Osakpa (7th N5,000 Post UTME promo winner, 2021/2022)

Oghenemarho Osakpa (3rd Nov., 2021)

9. Miss Fabulous, NDU (Total Expenditure: N90,000)

During the second Miss Fabulous event in NDU, the A & U Ng Team also supported the event by sponsorship. The Team also sponsored a contestant, voted massively and paid for all its staff and friends of the office to attend the show. See our sponsored contestant below:

Miss Fabulous Contestant for A & U Ng

Miss Fabulous Contestant for A & U Ng

Miss Fabulous Contestant for A & U Ng

10. Best Graduating Picture Contest Winner (N20,000)

Every year, the A & U Ng conducts a contest amongst its customers on Facebook, requesting fresh graduates to post their graduating pictures as comments on a designated post. Highest likes gets N20,000. So far, two editions have been concluded. See the list below:

  1. Victor Oyoke
  2. Arthur Pedro Vanhelsing Ableman

Victor Oyoke’s photo that won the first edition, 20th May, 2021

Arthur Pedro Vanhelsing Ableman’s photo that won the second edition (30th Dec., 2021)

11. A & U Ng Welcome Back Promo

Sponsored by our customers’ account, the A & U Ng has commenced a welcome back package for its customers where it gives N5,000 each to selected customers. The first edition was done on Friday 21st January, 2022. In the first edition, 10 customers were selected. The following are the winners:

1. Forun Abraham
2. Pereokusafa Clinton
3. Igwe Grace
4. Alaneme Precious Chinenye
5. Epemu Darari Favour
6. Ayebaemi Lucken Iworiso
7. Ayibabomo Sambo
8. Egberipou Sopreye Isaac
9. Iroro Kelvin
10. Grace Jessica Chioma

12. Emerald Care (200,000 first Edition)

The Emerald Care is a programme under the Emerald Students’ MPCS. Its first edition was sponsored by Exclusive Supermarket and A & U Ng. It was N200,000 worth of provisions packages for students. The first edition held Friday 21st January, 2022. Below is a list of the 20 winners according to their Facebook names:

  1. Prudy’s Closet
  2. Gentle Stowe
  3. Choice Lee
  4. Queen Oge
  5. Asemota Ebitimi
  6. Sobai Tarimotimi
  7. Raphael Eneikade
  8. Blaq Bond
  9. Patience Darius
  10. Movie Torukuru
  11. Etimi Pere
  12. Miracle Livinus
  13. Chi Bu Do
  14. Engr Godswill Ebi-Miekoromo
  15. Grace Dennis
  16. Funke Ye
  17. Itz Victory
  18. Okoh Rebecca Timipre
  19. Ese Samuel
  20. Johny Rey.

13. 2021/2022 School Fees Promo (N1,000,000)

In the 2021/2022 academic session, the A & U Ng Smart Office budgeted the sum of N1,000,000 for the payment of school fees for 20 lucky customers. 20 persons were expected to win N50,000 each. 4 winners has emerged as at the time of this report. 16 more winners are still being anticipated to win as the promo is patronage-based. This means that the number of winners are pegged to the number of patronage.

14. March 21st, 2022 ASUU Strike Promo (100,000)

Owing to the depression caused by the February 14th, 2022 ASUU strike, we resolved to carry out a promo to get everyone engaged. The promo worth N100,000 and participants were to pay N500. This was the first A & U Ng promo where participants had to pay. This was because during the strike, we could not fully fund the promo. Hence, we paid N50,000 while participants contributed N50,000 through their N500 contributions.

A post was made on Facebook and comments were counted. The following comments won. The names below are merely Facebook profile names:

  1. First comment: Eli Za Beth
  2. 10th comment: Mar Vel
  3. 20th comment: Funke Ye
  4. 30th comment: Okoh Rebecca Timipre
  5. 40th comment: Funke Ye (Win shfted to 41st comment: Ouserigha Tarila)
  6. 50th comment: Geotk Enewarikpemi
  7. 60th comment: Movie Toukuru
  8. 70th comment: Nimi Aman
  9. 80th comment: Geotk Enewarikpemi (win shifted to Emmanuel Francis)
  10. 90th comment: Geotk Enewarikpemi (win shifted to Michael Anthony)
  11. 100th comment: Torukuru Yiazibe
  12. 110th comment: Eli Za Beth (win shifted to Angodi Ebiyerin Fruitful)
  13. 120th comment: Arthur Pedro Vanhelsing
  14. 130th comment: Grace Dennis
  15. 140th comment: Anita T. George
  16. 150th comment : Lu Cy
  17. 160th comment: Movie Torukuru (win shifted to Ernest Jnr II)
  18. 170th comment: Torukuru Yiazibe (win shifted to Nimi Amain, Marvel and ended with Pikini Ruth)
  19. 180th comment: Patience Darius
  20. 190th Comment: Preye Gift.

Next Promo: Emerald 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway (N100,000)

Holding 29th March, 2022

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