By: Ese Odiri Richard

The question of when during the semesters and how to pay fees in the face of issues surrounding money is one that cannot be overlooked…

Be as it may, one issue that has continuously rocked the university world is the issue of when to pay school fees especially for returning students.

For fear of portal closure and other possible mishaps, some students avoid these issues by paying school fees early enough even before they see their results.

Possible Challenges of Late Payment

There have been instances where students after paying their tuition fees will later find out that due to their academic standing, they had been asked to withdraw from the school. This is a real problem.

This incident has happened to many students and some are still in the verge of falling into it.

In one particular instance of an unnamed student of a Nigerian university who after paying tuition fees from her first year to final year without checking her results, decided to check her results on her final year only to discover she had been a ghost student of the school all these years.

Based on her academic standing, she had been asked to withdraw from the school as she fell below the minimum grade point. What happened to all the money she had paid? Of course wasted!

Waiting to see results before paying fees has its own challenges. The issue of money especially in this part of the world is a critical one.

Many students spend their school fees on other issues while they await results. The case is even worse in the case of a university that does not collect part payment.

Students are beginning to seek for a way out of this dilemma. As a way of arresting the predicament, the management of Emerald MPCS, a subsidiary enterprise for A & U Ng have been helping the university community by saving part school fees and offering school fees loans to students who are members of the cooperative.

The management of Emerald Students MPCS are laying out plans to carry this same innovation to the Federal University Otuoke.

The questions now is what are we to expect in the coming days? What is Emerald MPCS and how can they be part of it?

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