There has been various perceptions about the Niger Delta University 19th Matriculation which held Saturday 21st, August, 2021 especially as regards attendance with various speculations as to why the matriculation was scanty.  

If you are a regular in Niger Delta University affairs or at least an observer, you may notice that the 19th matriculation was spectacular in its own way. This is especially the first matriculation after the pandemic and who knows if the pandemic is still showing its ugly face.

One very good indicator why many believe the matriculation was scanty was as a result of the traffic. In time past, passengers would fill the Amassoma roundabout and getting a vehicle to Tombia junction was a problem.

Some visitors would opt to spend the night till Sunday mornings before to set to travel out of Amassoma. However, in this matriculation, vehicles were seen parked waiting for passengers. This is a very rare scene during matriculation days.

Ok, so here are the perception about the NDU 19th matriculation ceremony. Most of us believe that the matriculation was very scanty. In fact, in the 2020 matriculation held in March before the pandemic, during the matriculation event, the Agric multipurpose hall was filled up with students, families, friends and well-wishers.

However, as at the time the event ended at the Agric multipurpose hall, the whole place was looking a little less than normal class days. The normal bustling matriculation spirit was lately felt as both campuses was scanty all throughout the mornings.


But what could be responsible for the scanty nature of the NDU 19th matriculation? Below are some observed and perceptive causes for the scanty nature of the NDU’s 19th matriculation ceremony.

1. Post-pandemic effect

Some persons believe that the pandemic negatively affected many supposed visitors. Many parents are still out of job but managed to send their wards to school. While still struggling to pay their fees, many couldn’t have prioritized matriculation attendance and consequent expenses.

2. A Clash with African University, Toru-Orua (UAT) Matriculation

The NDU 19th matriculation ceremony also clashed with the African University, Toru-Orua (UAT) matriculation, thereby dividing plans and interest for attendance. Both matriculation held same 21st August, 2021. Many sponsors who have wards in both schools may have chosen their wards in UAT over NDU. Many stakeholders, pressmen, cameramen, spectators, etc may have also been affected by the clash of date.

3. The NDU Admission Withdrawal Policy

While research efforts are still ongoing to assess the effectiveness of the NDU’s admission withdrawal policy, one could not disassociate this policy from the low matriculation turn up. Of course, many newly students, as a result of their inability to pay their fees on time, ignored their admission even before the deadline expired.

As time goes on, we shall focus our attention on admission acceptance rate of the NDU 2020/2021 academic session. This will help us to further understand deeply, the reasons for the scantiness of the 19th matriculation attendance.

4. Low academic funding/sponsorship

Many students complained of scarce financial resources prior to the matriculation and concluded they will not attend. This was as a result of their inability to get themselves prepared in clothing, food and other basic expenses. Some who even attended did so with meagre budget.

We believe that during NDU 20th matriculation, times would have changed and things would get better so that attendance will increase.

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