Welcome to The Michael Jules’ Centre for Vocational Tutelage and


Career Adjustment (MJCVTCA)


—Est. Aug. 2021—

As university admission seekers continue to ply the wrong paths towards achieving their dream career, it has become exigent to properly guide and educate tertiary education admission seekers at the naive and neophyte stage of life.

It has become a recurring phenomenon that university admissions seekers pursue programmes out of interest and passion without consideration for capacity especially where such programmes are highly competitive.

Over the years, there have been medically inclined candidates who have the conviction that without medicine, they will not go to school. Meanwhile, their Jamb scores have hardly hit 200. These ones keep on writing Jamb over and over again.

Let it be very clear, that even if you get your way through other means into highly competitive courses like medicine, when you get in, you still have to perform, otherwise professional exams like the medical MBBS examination will show you the way out. At this stage, it becomes even more frustrating.

The truth and reality of life has to be shared amongst students on time. There have been too many suicides, suicidal attempts and depression as a result of wasting resources on a programme that you are unable to get at the end; on a course you got and failed out, etc.

I fear that without a timely and proper guidance, hundreds of these ones will waste their time and other valuable resources, not understanding how the Nigerian admissions, university and economy in general actually work.

The Michael Jules’ Centre for Vocational Tutelage and Career Adjustment will function maximally in two basic dimensions:

  1. Focus on early guidance. That is, immediately a secondary school student leaves the secondary school community, the MJCVTCA makes an attempt to reach him through its online platforms and provide a detailed and meticulous guide that outlines the road to the university and the actuality of the process. This is to avoid setting untenable goals and career aspirations.
  2. Recommend career adjustment as at when necessary: The university admissions have become very competitive more than never before. Programmes that can admit only 80-100 students are now having 1,000 applicants and even more. Consequently, the gospel of career adjustment becomes very important immediately an applicant discovers that his/her performance is below what is expected.

Based on the above challenges, the MJCVTCA has been set up as the first Vocational Centre in Nigeria to help guide and educate tertiary education admission seekers on career choices and adjustment where such is imperative.

The Michael Jules’ Centre for Vocational Tutelage and Career Adjustment (MJCVTCA) head office is located at No. 1, NDU Road, Beside Main Campus Gate, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State.

Contacts: +2348060699054, +2348050706635

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