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Many students had clear-cut plans when they gained admission and entered the university on a ground-breaking note from a financial point of view. For others, though not financially buoyant, managed to clear up their fees through the meagre earnings from their sponsors. However, as time elapse, things begin to fall apart and the centre could no longer hold.

It is unfortunate that many students had lost sponsorship. Some sponsorship was lost through the death of the sponsors, loss of jobs/business of the sponsors, lost on interest in continued sponsorship and so on.

When sponsorship is tampered, the once well catered wards may start looking like a shadow of themselves managing to meet ends through meagre support from close friends in school.

If you lost your sponsorship, what is the way forward? Below are possible actions you may want to take:

1. Reassess Your Finances

Although the loss of a sponsor may hit a ward hard, it is also possible that some wards have their sources of income by themselves. If you feel your other personal sources of income can push you through, then you are good to go. However, if you have no other sources of income, then let’s go to the next item.

2. Identify Other Possible Sponsors

 It is possible that since a sponsor have been lost, family members, friends and others may feel sympathetic and may want to assist no matter how small. If a father is the lost sponsor, can mum come in?

Explain to her the need to finish your studies. Do you have any of these persons who may want to take over or at least assist in some small ways? If so, try to put them in a list and consult them.

3. Admission Deferment

Some wards are easily shattered and devastated when they lost sponsorship. Some of these sponsors are all that they ever had. Now gone/lost, they are in endless grieve and pains. If your case is such that there is not hope, then admission deferment may be an option. Deferment of admission is better than dropping out of school.

Deferment of admission means you will suspend your studies on the ground that you are unable to pay your fees. However, if you are able to get funds for your petty academic expenses, I guess your tuition fees can be managed in the long run while accommodation can be given off while you appeal to friends to squat for a while when your rent is due.

4. Take a Break; Don’t Make Hasty Decisions

Immediately sponsorship is lost, it is advisable to take a break for a while if the future is unclear. Do not make hasty decisions of dropping out of deferring. Breakthrough may come your way if you pray and hope.

These things are beyond your control as a kid trying to be educated and God always come though in times like these. Just calm, pray and hope for the best while you plan the next best course of action.

5. Seek Friends Support

Look around your friends, are there any that can be of help? Some friends may be able to offer accommodation; others food, yet others academic support and finance. Are there any? Reach out to them and ask. Do not be ashamed. If you have been a good friend before, getting small help should not be too difficult.

Cases and Instances

Over the years, I had come across cases of students whose sponsors experienced downturn income and have to seek for deferment of their wards. After a year, they are able to bounce back and continue sponsorship. You may want to consider this option if other options are untenable.

Cases of students who started working around campus or doing petty business just to meet up with sustenance as a result of loss of sponsorship have also been witness. A friend who lost his dad in 200 level had to take the hard decision of self sponsorship. Difficult though but he was able to complete his education.

As at the time of this publication, a newly admitted student and a member of Emerald Student Multipurpose Cooperative Society had returned to terminate her membership and to withdraw her school fees savings. Her reasons were based on health grounds that she had preferred to drop school for now.

We are still making efforts at trying to persuade the student to keep the admission and seek for possible ways we can help her take over responsibility of her fees through the instrumentality of the students’ cooperative. Whatever results obtained will be published in the subsequent publications.


There is no challenge you are passing through that others haven’t experienced. This should be an encouragement for you to hold on. No matter what, believe that you need to complete your studies and you will do what it takes to have it completed.

Be rest assured that the benefits far outweighs the struggles and you will live to appreciate the sacrifices you made to be educated.

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