This material shall be referred to as The Emerald Students’ Protection Guideline. This material contains all policies by the Emerald management put in place to protect students who registered as Emerald members from harsh loan terms and conditions and unfavourable sanctions for repayment defaulters.

This students’ protection guideline shall remain intact, never to be adjusted in the opposite direction and shall remain the basis for loan repayment decision for sanctions on repayment defaulters. This guideline is especially targeted at future management of Emerald, to protect students on loans who are unable to pay as agreed from being arrested, confronted, harassed or sanctioned.

Although the Emerald Team passionately advise, hope and pray that all future members check their ability to repay before they take school fees loans, for the purpose of not defaulting repayment; the Emerald Students’ Protection Guideline however, states as follows;

  1. That no Emerald member who has defaulted on his/her loan repayment shall be arrested through the instrumentality of the Nigerian Police Force to pressure him/her to repay the Emerald loans.

  2. That the Emerald management, through this written understanding, is restricted from reporting any of its members to the school management of the respective member, for the purpose of putting the student under pressure to repay their loans.

  3. Than an Emerald member who is still a student and defaulting in his/her loan repayment cannot be sued.

  4. That the Emerald Team is denied the power of confronting, harassing, assaulting, fighting or insulting members who default in their loan repayment.

  5. That the Emerald Team will only call to check upon loan defaulters, advise, counsel, educate and help seek for a better way to repay even as interest accumulates.

  6. That Emerald members are advised to always reach out to Emerald management when they are unable to repay as agreed to help Emerald seek for a better convenient way to repay.

  7. That this Emerald Students’ Protection Guideline only covers students and not graduates/dropouts. This implies that an Emerald loan defaulter can be arrested, sued, reported or confronted if he drops out of school or graduates. This is a clear indication that this guideline is only meant for students and not graduates/dropouts.

  8. Emerald members who default in their loan repayment and extend outside agreed time or over a year will be allowed to continue their studies without being disturbed till final year. Upon graduation, Emerald shall petition the school management and have their certificates ceased until they repay their loans completely. Meanwhile, all accumulated interests and the cost incurred in getting the loan back shall be borne by the debtor.

  9. That Emerald, through the support of its members, shall operate with oneness, understanding and commitment to the growth and well-being of its members.

  10. The Emerald members should not use this policy aimed at their well-being inordinately but rather try to be guided by agreed their loan terms.

  11. That a student/member can be denied of the provisions of the Emerald Students’ Protection Guideline if his/her behaviour or approach towards loan repayment is unwonted and nonchalant.

  12. That a student/member can be denied of the provisions of the Emerald Students’ Protection Guideline if he/she directly flout loan terms like paying next session school fees when his/her loan repayment period have expired.

  13. This Emerald Students’ Protection Guideline shall continue to be reviewed favourably in Emerald’s continued dedication to the course of protecting students.


This Provision is made available and published today 4th  August, 2021


Julius Michael Oghenenyoreme
Chairman, Emerald Students’ MPCS
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