Many Niger Delta University students are having issues registering their courses for previous sessions.

The language they often see when NDU students tries to register previous session courses in eface is one that is heartbreaking.

Here in this post, we will be discussing why you are seeing such information/notification and what you can do to overcome it.

What You Must Know About NDU Course Enrollments 

The University expects all NDU students to pay their school fees two weeks into any semester. When you default, you are given another two weeks. Default again and you pay late fee of N4,000.


Courses enrollment for 100 level cost N4,000 while 200 level and above cost N2,000. To register your courses, call 08060699054 or visit our office, A & U Ng., No. 1 NDU Road, Beside Main Campus Gate, Amassoma

The University is rather less active on implementing these laws, hence many students are more or less lackadaisical in processing their fees and registering their courses.

Students must know that once they fail to register their courses by the end of the second semester, the university automatically translate it that such student do not want to continue school again.

The Issue of Voluntary Withdrawal from the School

Students who have failed to register their courses in a particular year are deemed to have stopped coming to school. Hence, the official university website for registering the general courses will notify a student who wants to register courses for the previous session that he/she have voluntarily withdrawn from the University.

“You’ve voluntarily yourself from the university for not registering in 2019/2020 session”.

This notification means that you cannot register your courses again and expected to leave the university or defer your admission for that session which you have already completed and start the same session all over again, pay your fees and register your courses.

See What You Can Do 

If you are seeing a message that you have voluntarily withdrawn yourself from the university in NDU, kindly take your course enrollment pin and login details to the New Site ICT office who administers the


Course enrollment and course registration refers to the same thing in NDU. However, there are various course registration/enrollments. General, GST and Science courses enrollments. See the link below

Types of Courses Enrollment In Niger Delta University

Top 10 Websites of Niger Delta University and their Functions

How To Register Your Courses In NDU: See How Much

Inform them that you want to register courses for previous session. Present your e-pin and login details. They will register the courses and you can go back to the café to print your course enrollment.

They charge between N500 to N1,000 and they will help access your profile and register the courses. Then next time in your life, you should forget to register your courses on time.

So, did the voluntary withdrawal message dislocate your joints? Worry no more… Now you know what to do!

Contact the A & U Ng Smart Office: