Emerald Students Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society is a students’ school fees focused cooperative that give loans for only school fees payment purposes.

Eligibility for Emerald School Fees Loans

To benefit from Emerald loan facilities, the following criteria MUST be met:

  1. MUST be a member of Emerald MPCS for up to 2 months.
  2. Must have saved 1/3 of the total amount of fees expected for loan. I.e. a student whose school fees is N150,000 MUST have saved up to N50,000 within a duration two (2) months.
  3. MUST be a student of any tertiary institution (Currently for only NDU students).
  4. Loan MUST be for the purpose of school fees only.
  5. Approved loans are not given cash to recipients/members but paid directly to the University/institution by Emerald Students MPCS
  6. Deposit MUST commence anytime from registration day. Any full deposit of 1/3 on the day of loan request is not honoured.
  7. Must have read the Emerald Loan terms.

For more inquiries, call 08060699054

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