With the introduction of the 70/30 percent school fees policy in the Niger Delta University, many students have been asking how much is the worth of their school fees in the divided percentages.

Recall that in 2016/2017, the then Prof. Humphrey Ogoni administration had implemented a 60/40 percent policy to enable students pay their school fees easily.

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However, when management saw the level of compliance with payment, the current administration abolished it.

With new uprising in the week starting July 5th, 2021, government, management and students’ bodies then agreed on a 70/30 percent payment.

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Now, the question many are asking is how much is the 70% of their school fees?

What You Should Know About the 70/30% Policy

The NDU 70/30% School fees Policy allows students to pay their school fees in two installments. That is, you can pay 70% now and pay 30% later, recommendably a week before end of second semester.

Haven known about the 70/30% NDU school fees policy, let us now move on.

Now, Let us start with lowest fees which is currently N80,000. Although students of UG/16 May be paying lesser.


School Fees

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1 80,000 70/30 56,000/24,000
2 90,000 70/30 63,000/27,000
3 100,000 70/30 70,000/30,000
4 110,000 70/30 77,000/33,000
5 120,000 70/30 84,000/36,000
6 130,000 70/30 91,000/39,000
7 140,000 70/30 98,000/42,000
8 150,000 70/30 105,000/45,000
9 160,000 70/30 112,000/48,000
10 170,000 70/30 119,000/51
11 180,000 70/30 126,000/54
12 200,000 (no school fees of 190,000) 70/30 140,000/60,000

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Now you know your fees. Pay 70% and get receipt and register your courses. But note that the balance of 30% must be paid on/or a week to second semester examination. You may prefer to download and use the image below:

Also note that there s no law that you must pay the exact 70%. For instance, if your 70% is 56,000, you can actually pay 60,000 or even above.

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