Earlier today, a student of Niger Delta University, Faculty of Education was found dead in her apartment. The girl identified as Jennifer Ugadu, a 200 level student in the Faculty of Education was found dead in her apartment with multiple stab injuries and bullets wounds.

Her thumb was also cutoff, an act reportedly to allow her killer to unlock her phone thereafter. Currently, the alleged killer is with her phone dropping messages on her departmental group on how he killed her.

Voice note shared on WhatsApp revealed that the perpetrator is set to travel to Lagos to perpetrate more crime as he has told the family of his coming to their home to kill the mother and the younger sister who disapproved of the relationship.

Chats emanating from Jennifer’s WhatsApp line reportedly being used by the boyfriend indicates that the military boyfriend accepted that he killed her and that he would have killed himself since June but that he was only waiting for the right time. He claimed he cannot die knowing fully well that she is alive; the day he came to kill her, he has already informed her parent and her aunty.

According to Jennifer’s roommate, Jennifer had travelled to Lagos State for the break and had not resumed school for this session. The roommate made the following statement:

 “I was about travelling to Yenagoa when her boyfriend came to the house and I welcomed him. I told him that his girlfriend travelled for holiday and had not resumed school. I called my friend (the deceased) and I told her that her boyfriend is around but she said she is not coming back because she’s having issues with him.”

“Since he’s someone I knew, I left the room for him and gave him the key, and I travelled to Yenagoa. After some days I tried her number and it wasn’t going through, I called her boyfriend and he said he had gone to Maiduguri because he’s a soldier. He said he had been calling her but she didn’t respond to the call.”

“I had to call my neighbor this morning to check my room if there’s anyone, only for my neighbor to open the window and found her dead in blood. And that she was killed since Sunday the night she came back.”

Our reporters visited the Amassoma Police Station where the police confirmed that the bullets found were not local bullets. At this stage of this tragic incident, her friend disclosed that the deceased was dating a soldier, and they normally have issues that led to violence because of cheating perception.

A look at the house shows that the room was disorganized probably due to possible disagreement and fight between the deceased and the soldier boyfriend. The killer boyfriend was reported to have cutoff the thumb with him to allow him use her phone afterwards. He also shot the deceased in the back and laid her to rest on her bed. Reports also have it that her door was locked from the outside.

At the scene some persons said that the door was locked by the killer and he went away with the keys. It was when some residence in the area and some of her Department’s course mates got the awareness from the killer in the Department group that they broke the door and found out that she has been dead since on Sunday.

Cause of Death

There has been no official statement from the Police as regards the cause of death of Jennifer Ugadu Chinyere. However, gunshot injuries have revealed that despite perceived struggle, her death may have been as a result of gunshot.

Issues resulting to the heated argument according to unconfirmed reports indicates that Jennifer has been dating the soldier boyfriend with the Facebook name Jay Mato for five years. Reports have it that they were having relationship issues and the relationship may have hit the wall, leaving the boyfriend frustrated up to the point of taking his life in June, 2021.

Jay’s chats from Jennifer’s phone in the Department’s WhatsApp group shows that Jato had refused to take his life as people will see him as dying in vain, hence, came to take Jennifer along with him.

Jato have since stated he will soon die, joining Jennifer in the beyond by 12pm today using sniper.

Stephen Monday | Ernest Menene | Michael Jules