Government representatives present at the NDU students protest today to meddle in the protest have urged the NDU Management to open up the portal like “Ashawo Legs” so that students can pay up for any session. This statement was made by the SA to the state governor on special matters in company of the Students’ Management Committee (SMC).

The ongoing NDU students’ protest against school fees portal closure took another dimension today 7th of July 2021. Today, both students’ committee and government reps were notably present trying to pacify the protesting students.

Starting from the LT building in Main Campus down to the school gate, the protest has changed with the students using instruments (drums) to notify everyone around that the protest has started.

The day 3 protest carrying crowd which has been adjudged to be much more than day 1 and 2 marched around main campus to stop all ongoing classes at LT3 where other students joined the protest. The students protesters were seen holding branches of trees while using tricycles to display around the campus.

The protesting students were chanting gyration songs while marching to New Site for onward display… “na fake, na fake, VC, VC when no open portal na fake VC.”  The song continued as they headed towards main campus gate to the new site gate. Getting there, they found students having lectures and they stormed the venue and disrupted the classes from Biology lab, Physics lab, Chemistry lab down to Management Science building and went on to the gate.

“Letter Sent to the Students by the Student Management Committee of Bayelsa State”

We want to thank the general student’s community of the Niger delta university through-out this time of protest with a peaceful demonstration process within the past two days to air their voices even without a leader. So far we have sent out letter across to the commissioner of Education and also to the state Government through Student Management Community (SMC), stating our resolutions clearly and so far our voice heard.

The Student Management Communities (SMC) wish to inform the general students that a positive result has been achieved from the meeting held by the commissioner of Education, the deputy governor of the state and also the VC of the Niger Delta University. On this note, the Students’ Management Committee will be coming to address the general students’ community on the development and outcome of the yesterday meeting held.

So representatives will be needed from all various departments to the faculty level in other to mobilized their students and air their views on the new decision on ground, the meeting point is schedule to hold at main campus.”

NDU Students Protest against Closure of School Fees Portal and Uniform Identification

Meeting with SA to the Governor on Special Matters

When the Student Management Communities (SMC) arrived, they said that the issue on ground concerning the uniform wearing in the school was not approved, but every student should dress properly when coming to school. The students pleaded for 60% school fees upfront payment for a session and that the VC did not approve that. That he can only approve 70% upfront payment for a session and the other 30% for the next session. The students at this point protested that the school fees must be paid in installments of 60/40% and vowed to continue the protest.

Students were initially agitating for the reduction of the fees when the SMC stated that the fees may not be reduced but recommend 70%/30% installmental payments.

The issue of SUG was also discussed when the SMC stated that SUG (Student Union) has been approved that the VC should order all DEANS and HOD’S of each Faculty to organize elections for each Department as a way of selecting a representative. He went further saying that after the meeting that a new memo will be released concerning all this.

The SA to the Governor on special matters also addressed the portal issue when he said that the school fees portal should be opened like “Ashawo Leg” so that students can pay any level anytime.

On hearing this, the students jubilated with great joy. Their joy however was greeted with indefinite suspension of academic activities as the news came as a rude shock to the protesters.


NDU Students School Fees Portal Protest Day 2: Students Demand for Urgent Reopening of School Fees Portal

Indefinite Academic Suspension

Meanwhile, the management of the Niger Delta University have suspended academic activities and asked all students to vacate the university premises on/before 3:00pm today 7th of July, 2021. In a bulletin signed by the Registrar, Mr. Benjamin Joffa, the University stated that “following the ongoing unrest in the university, I am directed to inform the general public and the University community that academic activities have been suspended indefinitely with immediate effect”.

The bulletin further stated that “consequently, all students are directed to vacate the university campuses and its facilities on or before 3:00pm today (Wednesday July 7th, 2021).”

The time to resume is expected to be communicated to the public after all issues have been resolved.

Stephen Monday | Orezi Ese