Students of the Niger Delta University have today again mounted roadblocks at the main campus, blocking academic and non-academic activities. Protest activities started as early as 8:00 am when students gathered in the Faculty of Engineering concerning the closure of school fees portal.The crowd migrated from Engineering block in main campus to Agriculture Faculty in New Site where after a long wait the meeting was cancelled on a deceptive ground that the VC was having a meeting in Yenagoa.

The students immediately went agog hearing about the absence of the VC and started another wave of protest from the venue. Angrily, they went to classes around, reaching Management Science block and Chemistry Lab,stopping all the ongoing classes as a sign of their indignation that the once respected VC did not honour them with his presence in the venue the school issued to them. 

It appears that the students’ protesters of today were way larger than that of yesterday. They all went to the Senate Building angrily singing solidarity songs with the name of the VC… “Who is a Yahoo Boy? VC is a Yahoo boy!”.At this point the noise in the Senate Building was loud which must have forced all the staff in the building to come out in great shock.The VC who was said to be in Yenagoa for a meeting also came out to address the students. This shocked the students who were made to believe that the VC was absent. Immediately they came out, the students started chanting “VC open the portal, open the portal”.

The VC on his part tried to calm the protesting students to no avail.The VC later managed to address the crowd saying “this decision was not made by me, it was made by the Governing Body and I promised to look into it.”Then some students asked if the portal will be opened again because some students who have paid their fees cannot register their courses and that the portal is showing they have voluntarily withdrawn from the University. Then the VC’s response was still the same “this decision was not made by me, it was made by the Governing Body and I promised to look into it.”

With anger, some students stoned the VC with pure water and then others followed. This led the VC to find his way back into the Senate building. The crowd of students went from the New Site to Main Campus singing solidarity songs with the VC’s name.They started from Engineering stopping all the classes; they went to the school gate/Auditorium still chanting solidarity songs.

Getting to main campus, the students crowd parted ways with one group facing CHS to stop all activities going on there. The second group was inside the school to avoid possible confrontation with the community youths.

Later, a Staff came out to address some students.He stated that the management have heard their demands but they are not in the position to help that it is only the VC that can intervene. He further said that the Government have receive several information concerning this protest that even the IYC have heard their cries and that they will respond soon.

The staff urged the students to also send an appeal letter to the state government since the VC said that only the governing body has power over the decision

Stephen Monday  |Orezi Ese