To get your matriculation number, there are several steps and registrations you will complete first. Matriculation number helps to identify you in your departments and each students have their unique matriculation number (Matric No.)

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What Is A Matriculation Number?

A matriculation number is a unique set of alphanumeric characters that identifies a student in a school. Prior to the matriculation number, the Jamb registration number was the only means of identification of a student.

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Jamb registration numbers are given to Jambites upon Jamb registration and when granting admissions, the Jamb registration number is the basic information used. During clearance in 100 level, the Jamb number is also the primary information used.

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However, when the matriculation number is given to students, they immediately abolished the use of Jamb registration numbers

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Students who already have their Jamb registration numbers are expected to update their NDU online profiles to reflect their new identity.

What Does A Matriculation Number Look Like?

Matriculation numbers structure differs from university to university. The NDU Matriculation Number has letters, symbols and numbers. A good example of the NDU Matriculation number is UG/19/2021. This is typically for the undergraduates. For the Postgraduates especially Masters, you have PG/M.Sc/Fed/17/011 and its’ variations. For the Part Time Students, you have PT/SW/12/0021.

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What Does the UG in the NDU Matriculation Number Means?

The UG that started the NDU Matriculation number means UNDERGRADUATE. Hence, anyone using a matriculation number starting with UG is an undergraduate.

What Is Undergraduate?

Undergraduate simply means you are yet to graduate. You are a student that is anticipating graduation. Undergraduate is simply used by Universities to refer to students who are in any of the levels from 100 to final year.

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What Does The PG in the NDU Matriculation Number Means?

PG simply means Postgraduate. Any matriculation number where you see PG as the starting letters means that the bearer is a PGD/Master/Ph.D student.

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What Is Postgraduate?

Postgraduate refers to any form of higher education after you have gotten your first degree. For instance, after you graduate and gotten your B.Sc., any higher programme you are going for which your B.Sc. qualifies you to study is a postgraduate programme.

For example, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters and Ph.d studies are all Postgraduate programmes

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How Do I Get My Matriculation Number?

To get your Matriculation Number, you have to complete your clearance, then go to the Department to do physical verification. Forward to a café and photocopy all your documents in 4 copies each and go to the Faculty with the photocopied documents to open your file.

To see the list of documents needed to open your Faculty File, click the link below:

List of Documents Required for Faculty File Opening

Then after you have successfully opened your file, a matriculation number will be attached to your file. This is when you are a registered students of NDU. Your Faculty does not know you IF you are yet to create your file at the Faculty.

The Matriculation numbers are compiled awaiting matriculation day. On Matriculation day, you are given a matriculation form. You will fill it and submit it at the Faculty. Then you will get your matriculation number.

This is to say matriculation numbers are given on/after matriculation day.

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How Much Does It Take To Get A Matriculation Number?

To get Matriculation number is totally free. Although you may spend some money opening your Faculty file, Matriculation Numbers are however, free of charge.

Does The Matriculation Number Expire?

No. Matriculation number is used as a primary means of identity in the Faculty. You are to use it till you graduate.

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Is Matriculation Number A Sensitive Information?

Well, it depends on the circumstance. Generally, giving your matriculation number out is not really a bad thing that will affect you like giving your ATM card and pin out. But it can be used to track your records.

For instance, in those days when results are pasted at the Department, someone who knows your Matriculation number can easily check your result. This is nonetheless anything harmful.

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Sample of NDU Matriculation Numbers




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2018/2019 Matric Photo Gallery


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