The management of The Niger Delta University is currently eyeing withdrawing admissions for a second time in the 2020/2021 academic session with its third warning message sent to newly admitted students.

Withdrawn Admissions Restored as NDU Grants 3 Days Grace

The message which was sent to the freshmen around 1:50pm on the 25th of June, 2021 read as follows: “You are by this message mandated to pay your school fees within 72hrs otherwise, your admission will be withdrawn”.

NDU Set to Retrieve Admission from Freshers Who Are Yet to Pay School Fees

With the 72hours ultimatum, fresh batch of admissions are expected to be withdrawn any moment after 1:50pm Monday 28th June, 2021.

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This is not the first time the Niger Delta University is withdrawing admissions. Aside the withdrawal of about 200 provisional admissions in 2016/2017 academic session, the university has also withdrawn unannounced number of admissions on Tuesday 8th June, 2021.

Pay Your School Fees Within 48 Hours: NDU Send A Second Warning To Freshmen

Below are several questions that are being asked by students and parents:

Will the NDU admissions really be withdrawn?

Yes. Admissions are actually withdrawn. Some set has already been withdrawn on Tuesday 8th June, 2021

I have paid my school fees, why did NDU still sent me this message?

If you have duly paid your school fees, kindly ignore the message. Provided you have checked your profile and you confirm your receipt is there. The message is meant for those who have not paid school fees. Do not worry about the text message.

NDU Admissions Forfeiture: The Fault of NDU

If however, your admission was actually withdrawn, then you can visit our A & U Ng office at main campus school gate to help you get it back as it was the case in the first admission withdrawal.

Can I register with Emerald Students’ Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society and pay my school fees immediately?

No. No cooperative society operates on instant loans. Emerald is a duly registered cooperative with the relevant Ministry and acknowledged by the DSS office as stated by law.

Read more about Emerald Here

Emerald does not have any other source of income aside members’ deposits/contributions. You will register and qualify for loans. You cannot walk up to our Smart Office and request for instant loans.

NDU to Close School Fees Portal: Students to Suspend their Studies

If you are unable to gather up your school fees, it is an expert advice to register with Emerald – the admissions retrieval warning irrespective.

Can I get my admission back after it has been withdrawn?

No. any admission that has been withdrawn is irrecoverable. The next course of action is to apply for Jamb and write again.

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When will the 72hour deadline elapse?

The 72hour ultimatum is set to elapse at 1:50pm Monday 28th June, 2021.

Register with Emerald Students’ Multipurpose Cooperative Society today and Avoid School Fees Deadline Embarrassment. Click Here to read more…

For more inquiries, kindly call our Smart Office number: 09017753923, 08060699054

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