The management of the Niger Delta University has restored withdrawn admissions on plea from members of the University publics to – for a final chance – allow newly admitted students whose school fees are ready to pay.

The victims of the withdrawn admissions were notified of this development barely 10 days after their admissions have been initially withdrawn.

NDU Admissions Forfeiture: The Fault of NDU

The notification was sent to the devastated newly admitteds at about 11:30pm of Tuesday 16th June, 2021 reads: NDU-PUTME: The Vice-Chancellor has on behalf of the Senate given a three (3) day probationary period for the payment of your school fees for those whose admission was withdrawn which ends midnight Friday 18th June, 2021, thereafter your admission will be permanently withdrawn.

The initial admissions withdrawal took effect Tuesday 8th June, 2021 after a tripartite warning from the university management to freshmen to pay up their fees or face admission forfeiture.

NDU to Close School Fees Portal: Students to Suspend their Studies

The first warning was given upon admission when the University management noted in the admissions information page that commencing from the date of admission, freshmen are to pay their school fees two weeks, else, forfeit their admissions.

The second warning came at the heels of the 6th admissions list which was released 13th April, 2021 where the NDU Warned that “Your admission is to be withdrawn due to your inability to pay your school fees within the 2 weeks period”.

Pay Your School Fees Within 48 Hours: NDU Send A Second Warning To Freshmen

The NDU management held back from taking action to observe compliance with fees payment. However, owing to disturbing number of admitted students who are yet to beat the deadline, the NDU management on a third time in May 18th, 2021 after a month and 5 days sent out a distress warning stating “your admission is to be withdrawn if you fail to pay your school fees within 48 hours”.

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Admissions were not also withdrawn immediately after the third warning despite citing only 48hrs deadline. The final withdrawal notice which occurred on the 8th of June after 3 weeks from the last warning came as a rude shock to members of the university community as almost everyone had discounted the warning as “one of those things”.

On the actual admission retrieval, the NDU management held thus: “your admission has been withdrawn due to your inability to pay your school fees. See admission officer for further details.”

NDU Admission Withdrawal Notification

NDU Set to Retrieve Admission from Freshers Who Are Yet to Pay School Fees

Currently, as management continues to withdraw admissions, hope for the yet-to-be-admitted increases. We hereby advise members of the public to register with Emerald Students’ Cooperative and save their fees to ensure they get help in paying their school fees promptly to avoid forfeiting their precious admissions.


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