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Stories of fake admissions may be difficult to combat as freshmen continue to display naivety while scammers on the other hand continue to find their way unhindered online around the desperate admission seekers.

All You Need to Know About NDU Post UTME, Admissions and Clearance

The scammers seems to be winning the war against fake admissions as there is scarcity of proper guidance online with little or no link between the universities and the admission seekers who are at home waiting for local cafes and seniors to provide them with relevant information about their future career pursuits.

The Rationale Behind Fake Bulletins and Memos

Therefore, this material has been provided with the intent to help admission seekers, students, parents, sponsors, guardians and sponsors in easily identifying the a fake admission.

Below are some vital factors to know that your admission MAY be fake:

5 Ways To Know An NDU Admission Is Fake

1. You have an NDU admission letter but when you inserted your Jamb number in, it does not congratulate you that you have been granted admission. If your admission is authentic, the official admissions processing portal should recognize your Jamb number. If the portal does not, quickly call the admissions office for inquiries.

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2. You have a Jamb admission letter but your Jamb profile is showing NOT ADMITTED: If your Jamb profile is still showing NOT ADMITTED, there is no way you can have a Jamb admission letter. Having a Jamb admission letter when you haven’t seen ADMITTED in Jamb portal means your Jamb Admission letter is fake.

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3. Admission letter or presented admission document may look pale, edited and misshaped: In most cases, the fraudsters are not professional editors, hence, the document they may present to you may not have normal fine colours that admission letters carry, may look pale or even have bended shape.

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4. Errors in admissions information sent: In 2019, a candidate was granted fake admission via mail. The errors in the content of the mail alone are enough for the candidate to decipher that the admission was fake if not for naivety and lack of proper guidance. In fact, NDU in recent times have not sent email notification for admissions. Unless they do in the future, any mail notifying you of an admission is a fake admission for the time being.

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5. Inability to Pay Your Acceptance: If a scammer gives you a fake admission, they will also collect acceptance fee from you and process your clearance from you, collecting more money from you in the process. This means more fraudulence and more victimization. But if you are lucky and they leave you halfway, upon trying to process your acceptance fee in, the portal will not accept your Jamb registration number.

To be very sure of the genuineness of your admission, it is very vital that you check your admissions status in the NDU portal and jamb portal. The following are relevant portals to check and confirm admissions status.

NDU Admission Portal:

Jamb Admission Portal:

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