In recent times, the Niger Delta University (NDU) has been very pronounced on the need to pay fees as early as possible and in accordance with school laws. Although the school has always emphasized prompt payment of school fees, such emphasis have taken drastic dimension recently.

The University however, cannot totally be blamed for taking drastic measures in ensuring students, parents, sponsors and guardians pay their fees promptly as students now use/apply their fees in other endeavours – embezzlement, gambling, taking care of personal health, shelter and academic matters.

In the past, the NDU would set deadline but would be prevailed upon by members of the public and such deadline declined. However, the NDU for a second time since 2016/2017 academic session have implemented retrieval of admissions since the week of 7th June, 2021.

See the 2016/2017 Admission Deletion List Here: NDU-Addition-and-deletion-admission-list

NDU’s Strictening School Fees Policies: Causes, Consequences and Suggestions

The withdrawal have since inspired a wave of criticism online by persons who believed that the upcoming scholars should be given more time to pay their bills.

The Gap

There seemed to be a lacuna in the admission retrieval process – probably an informational gap. Even at the café level, we may have used previous administrative behaviour to advise students to accept their admissions that the admission retrieval may have been used to get people paying.

NDU Set to Retrieve Admission from Freshers Who Are Yet to Pay School Fees

Even while it was very clear that admissions would be retrieved without payment of fees, it was impracticable to tell a newly admitted student that he/she should not accept his admission without payment of school fee. Such blatant advise/directive should have come from the NDU and not the place of third parties to announce.

NDU’s Blame

Information provided aforetime solves a lot of possible challenges. What I have concluded is that if NDU have resolved that they are serious with the retrieval this time around, unlike in the past, it would notify the newly admitteds upon admission, just as school fees has been stated in the admissions information page that he whose school fees is not ready should not accept his/her admission.

Pay Your School Fees Within 48 Hours: NDU Send A Second Warning To Freshmen

It is consequent upon such notification from management that third party cafes utilize to inform students who are ready to accept their admissions.

The NDU should have released a bulletin notifying freshers that their school fees MUST be ready before they accept their admissions. This is to avoid possible forfeiture of the admission and acceptance fees.

Without such notice, numerous freshers have hurriedly accepted their admissions thinking by God’s Grace and as usual, the deadline may be downplayed. But now, it has become glaring that it is no longer business as usual.

Attendant Consequences

With admission already withdrawn and no hope for getting the admission back, freshers who beckon on the university to lead them to the path of knowledge are now discovering same institution have (in their terms) defrauded them of their hard earned money – with some already spending more than N100,000 in acceptance and accumulated charges. The fact that their admission information letter stated it clearly that acceptance fee is non-refundable notwithstanding.

Does NDU Withdraw Admission When Students do not Accept their Admission on Time?

We at the café level have also been victims of attacks as we must have perceived that this session will follow all other sessions where deadlines are given but admissions were not withdrawn. With admissions now withdrawn, we have now become wrong advisers in the sight of many freshers we advised to carry on with their acceptance.

Appeal to the NDU Management

The current situation can also be calculated as partly caused by the NDU management for lack of proper information. The NDU management should have advised that those whose school fees are not ready should not pay their acceptance fees. This lack of proper guidance have resulted in a lacuna that is now giving us all a bad name.

Consequent upon the above, I hereby appeal that the NDU management should open the school fee payment portal and give all two weeks extra to pay up their school fees.

Direct all newly admitted who are yet to pay their acceptance fee to halt IF they know their school fees is not ready.

Advise to Freshmen, Parents, Sponsors and Guardians

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