Save with Emerald and Get 2% Interest on Monthly Savings

The Emerald for Secondary School Students is a Package aimed at orienting parents, sponsors, guardians, tutors and secondary school students on the need to save for the future academic needs of the would-be scholars while gathering 2% interest on a monthly basis on their savings.

Today, we believe that University education should no longer be left unplanned. Rather, we look into the future with a view to seeing how best to secure our ward’s education financial needs.

With Emerald for Secondary School Students, a parent with secondary school ward(s) who is/are set to transit to the university can open an Emerald Secondary School account and save for the future University Education of their wards in advance.

This savings has become imperative as lack of funds is now making many newly admitteds forfeit their admissions (admissions withdrawal for the Niger Delta University 2020/2021 newly admitted students started June 8, 2021).

In the 2020/2021 admission year which is ongoing as at the time of this publication, available data about admissions revealed that admissions of students who were unable to pay their school fees up to the tune of 1,300 were withdrawn.

The above information was deducted from data sent to our A & U Ng publishing office from the NDU VC’s office on May 26th that out of 3,980 newly admitted students, only 2,680 students have duly paid school fees.

While this was ongoing, Emerald members who have duly registered and qualified for loans were able to process their loans and paid their fees before time, hence their admissions were duly secured.

This was a very deep foresight on the part of students who thought it wise to use the community effort of Emerald to further plan their academic needs.

Looking forward and foreseeing the possible challenges tomorrow may bring, it has become an expert advice to save for tomorrow. This is to ensure we collaboratively surmount any financial challenges that newly admitted students often face.

So, you must start saving today and gather interest so that once your admission comes, straight ahead, you have a seamless entry into the university.

What are the Benefits of Emerald for Secondary School Students?

The benefits of saving for secondary school students ahead of their university education are as follows:

1. Two percent (2%) interest is accrued to the savings monthly. A Savings of N100,000 will attract N2,000 interest on a monthly basis. A year will give you a total of N24,000 interest, making it a total of N124,000.

2. The future academic needs of your ward(s) is secured and guaranteed with Emerald Secondary School Account.

3. You can get loans to top up your school fees if your savings till after admissions is not enough to meet up with the required financial needs.

4. You can get Emerald scholarships which can cover all your school fees from 100level through final year.

5. You can win Emerald-Care packages which consist of provisions, toiletries and others.

6. Get all the information you need on admissions into the university which helps to fastening admissions. All Emerald admissions will be facilitated by the Emerald Team.

7. Get our educational materials like the A & U Ng Admission Guides from Volume 1-3 for free. Free past Questions and Answers and many more future materials which we will publish from time to time.

8. Get quick cash in school to solve your instant/regular academic needs in school on the ORDER OF THE SPONSOR and the sponsor pay back at convenience.

9. In the school community, Emerald, through A & U Ng in the past have been grossly involved in corporate social responsibility (CSR) which includes bailing students from the Police Station when issues arise, resolving students’-community issues, meddling in the capacity of a guardian/guarantor when school issues arise and lots more. Emerald students are top priority in all of these. And finally…

10. Emerald is a subsidiary of A & U Ng. Emerald members stands a higher chance of winning more promotions from A & U Ng.

What are the Risks in Saving with Emerald for Secondary School Students?

Emerald was established late March, 2021 and till date, many who want to save but have fallen to failed financial institutions in the past have been bothered on the genuineness of Emerald and the possibility that they are not entering into another scam or enterprise that will fail tomorrow.

In a country where fraud has become the order of the day, it is actually hard to tell who is who, hence the best way is to count everyone as same. This actually save us from falling into schemes that are not well planned, thought out and are prone to fail.

The above nonetheless, you must understand that Emerald funds are often in members’ school fees profiles. This means the total money of Emerald and by extension, A & U Ng funds amongst others are on loan to students to pay their school fees.

This again means that there is no money to embezzle anywhere as all the funds are into loans. Any recorded profits are used to plan for scholarships and promotions hence, there is no money on ground to misappropriate. Where there are excess funds, all such are kept for anticipated loan requests.

Again, Emerald is fully registered under the Bayelsa State Cooperative Laws, hence you are fully covered by the State Laws. Our office is located at No. 1, NDU Road, Main Campus Gate, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State.

The only risk in saving with Emerald is not in the management of Emerald but in loan repayment behaviour of the members. The management of Emerald covers for possible shortfalls in repayment of loans through various practices, therefore, loan repayment shortfalls may not be an issue.

The above nonetheless, we are covered by the academic certificates of the members. Any Emerald member who avoid loan repayment and allow it till final year have interest accumulated awaiting him/her when they want to nicodemusly claim their certificates as their various institutions will be intimated of their indebtedness to Emerald.

The management of Emerald Students’ Cooperative assures all prospective members that their savings are 100% safe with the cooperative.

At What Class in Secondary School Can I Start Saving with Emerald?

While Emerald is primarily focused on students in SSII and SSIII set to take their SSCE exams and JAMB and those who are already out of the secondary school awaiting their admissions, we welcome savings from prospectives who wish to start saving from any academic level from Primary 1 through Primary 6; and from JSSI through SSIII.

How Much is the Registration Fee?

Emerald registration fee for secondary school savings is currently N1,000

Registration Office

Visit the Emerald Office at No. 1, Main Campus Gate, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State with 2 passport photographs and N1,000. For direction, call 08060699054

Can I Register from a Distance?

Yes. The primary method of registration is by simply walking into the Emerald Office at Main Campus gate, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State with N1,000 and 2 passport photographs. However, you can use the link below to register and transfer the registration fee and any additional deposit to the account stated therein. Then call 08060699054 for your file opening in the office.

Can I Take My Money Back at Any Point in Time?

If you are saving for educational plan, you cannot withdraw the savings. The only exception is on serious health ground, withdrawal from the planned educational pursuits or death of the sponsored/recipient.

Interest and Percentage Issues

All Emerald savings for Secondary School Students will attract interests of 2% monthly. However, the savings must have matured up to a minimum of 10 months before interest will commence accumulation from the very first month. This is to say that any termination of funds within 9 months will NOT get any interest. This is because savings for future academic needs are not expected to be terminated.

Admissions Issues for Emerald Members

All Emerald members in this category are sure to gain admissions as we discuss with relevant offices to see how qualified members of Emerald are granted admission. Where necessary, further discussions may be established with the parents to cooperate with certain demands from stakeholders in the process.

For Support and further inquiries, kindly call 08120661125

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