Passing the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) UTME is quite a challenge for some students. Consulting mike holt books and other curriculum-related contents can make you score higher in the examination if you know how to prepare for it.

No matter your goal, you can always make it achievable with your persistence and determination and by gathering all the necessary resources. Since the main concern is to score high in your examination, here are some tips for you to prepare for Jamb/UTME aptly:

Plan Ahead

Planning for something beforehand is crucial to the successful execution of something. It is not easy to cover up the syllabus in a night or two; rather, you will need to start studying early to get the desired grades. The best thing to do is create a study plan that suits you best and easy to follow as per your studying habits.

Executing the Plan

Don’t over-stress yourself. Once you have designed a study plan, try to make the most of it. Take short breaks while studying to refresh your mind. You can surf through the internet, eat meals, drink juice, do a little walk, play a game and then get back to your books. If you feel demotivated, remember that you have goals you need to achieve, and if you don’t work for them, you will never reach them!

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Stay Ahead

Never leave things to be done at the eleventh hour. If you have exams due in a month, prepare your study plan in a way that you can complete all your syllabus at least a week or 4 to 5 days before the exam date. This strategy will keep you from stressing over meeting the deadlines. For Jamb exams, you must start studying 2 or 3 months before they start. By doing so, you will cover all the content that can help you score high in the exams.

What You Need to Study


Besides using the Jamb application and preparing for the exam, you must look for other content that can help you attempt the exams successfully. Focus on studying the recommended textbooks with persistence and evaluate your preparation by solving the past papers. Doing this will let you know how prepared you are for the exams and prepare you to answer similar sorts.

Focus on Your Speed Accuracy

The most common mistake that all students make is not to check their speed accuracy. Jamb is computer-based training. It is programmed to log off after a certain time. If you are unable to meet the time limitations, all your efforts will go in vain. While preparing, do not forget to train yourself to solve the questions within the given time duration. Try to work on increasing your answering speed to avoid being stressed about staying behind.


These five tips will surely help you to ace your Jamb examination in 2021. Besides, hard work and consistency are always the keys to success. Make sure to give it your best shot!

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