Just 4 days after the Niger Delta University released one of its numerous undergraduate admissions list (May 14th), it has sent out a second admissions retrieval warning to its newly admitted students, granting only 48 hours to forfeit admissions.

In an sms sent to the newly admitted students 12:00pm of 18th May, 2021, the NDU management stated that “your admission is to be withdrawn if you fail to pay your school fees within 48 hours”.

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This is not the first time the NDU management is sending admissions retrieval warning to newly admitted students.

NDU Set to Retrieve Admission from Freshers Who Are Yet to Pay School Fees

Recall earlier in April 13th, 2021, the Niger Delta University sent its first warning to students, “Your admission is to be withdrawn”, citing inability to pay school fees within the 2 weeks period.

The current student’s clearance has now been structured that school fees payment has become a basic part of the process. Hence, students who are yet to pay up their school fees are deemed to have done incomplete clearance and stand the chance to lose their admissions even after paying their acceptance fees.

To avoid forfeiting your admissions, ensure you pay up your acceptance, pay school fees and complete your clearance before the 48 hour deadline given by the university

When Will the 48 Hour Deadline Elapse? 

The 48 hour deadline granted to all freshers to complete their clearance and pay up their school fees will end 12:00pm on the 20th of May, 2021. Hence, freshers are advised to hurry up.

Is the 48 Hour Deadline a Threat or Real?

Should we really answer this question? Why should anyone take a university directive as a threat? When has NDU started threatening students? Anyway, why the last warning was not implemented may be due to pressure from members of the public, government and other stakeholders. A second time warning should not be taken lightly as it is always heavier than the first. Kindly take it seriously. There is no disadvantage following orders.

How Much is the Total Clearance Cost? 

For the purpose of financial capacity, we have dichotomized the clearance charges in various packages:

  1. N42,000 (Basic – for only acceptance fee payment and processing)
  2. N46,000 (Medium – caters for the more important things)
  3. N53,000 (Extended – covers more clearance documents)
  4. N62,000 (Total – overall total of the NDU clearance, acceptance and related documents processing: For the purpose of admissions forfeiture, students should attempt to complete the process by taking this package).

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