Oftentimes, newly admitteds or their parents/sponsors would ask why we at the café level are charging extra on top NDU approved fees.

Others who are aware or familiar with the system would be bothered as to the amount cafes are charging, claiming the added processing fees are too much.

What many are not aware of is that there are hidden costs that actually make the total processing fees increased. Others too may have been familiar with processing fees at home which is often cheaper sometimes than processing fees in a university community, causing them to ask questions.

Why the Difference?

Aside the normal NDU fees, there are what we call system charges and many a times, hidden charges. Let us take all these system and hidden charges one by one.

1. Post UTME Processing

Recall that the NDU sells Post UTME form for only N2,000 and this is what is contained in the Post UTME bulletin announcing the commencement of the Post UTME Application. So, when many parents see the N2,000 announced by NDU, they only give their wards N2,000 and transport fares. They are least aware of the system charges, hidden charges and café processing fees.

Last year, when the last Post UTME application was ongoing, a parent actually gave her ward in Port Harcourt N2,000 for the processing. All attempts to persuade the parent to understand that there are hidden charges actually proved abortive. The daughter has to look for the balance and paid herself.

The following are actual cost, system charges, hidden charges and café processing fees of Post UTME application:

  1. Actual Cost: N2,000
  2. System Charge: N1,500
  3. Hidden Charge: N60
  4. Standard Café Charge: N1,500
  5. Total Cost: Often Approximated to N5,000 or in some places, charges may be N5,500

2. Acceptance Fee

Acceptance is another NDU fee where hidden charge and processing fees is attached. Acceptance is N40,000 but while paying online, there are two hidden charges, N416 and N200 at two different places. This makes it N616 hidden charge. Then add Café processing fees, this gives you a total of N2,000 to process your acceptance online. Some cafes may charge up to N2,500 and N3,000 in extreme cases.

3. Document uploading fees

This fee of N1,560 and often charged at N2,000 or N2,500 by cafes is not written anywhere in NDU bulletins or memo or in any list of payments. You just come across it online during processing and you pay. Many newly admitted students and parents often feel the cafes are generating spurious charges but it is an actual charge by NDU.

4. School Fees

School fees also attract same processing fees like acceptance which is stated above. E-teller cost N416 while payment online cost N200, giving a total of N616 as actual school fees charges. When cafes add their charges, it is rounded up at N2,000

5. Clearance Acknowledgement Slip

Clearance acknowledgement slip is a document you print after verification. This payment cost N2,080 but cafes charge a total of N2,500, making a profit of N420. This documents is processed once only after admissions and verification by undergraduates and postgraduates.

6. Others

Any single payments online attracts hidden and system charges. Same goes with bio-data, course enrolment, skill acquisition and medicals. This also applies to post-graduate applications, acceptance, PG charges, school fees, personal data form amongst others.

Why Cafes Fees

Café charges are often considered high. While the cafes do not think so, customers may feel the need for reduction. One thing in the processing is the risk involved. Because of a profit of N1,300 in school fees, a café may be debited while NDUfees did not acknowledge the payment, putting the café operator at high risk.

Sometimes, the Teesoft office will help rectify the problem, but when the payment is not reflecting and the Teesoft cannot help but the bank, the challenges are just much. You go to the bank and they tell you to come back in one week time – something that will later turn to months. As I write, our office money in the bank because of this is now up to N100,000. Sometimes, the amount is higher, when you retrieve some, the amount comes down. Some payments are hanging up to one year now and they are still in the bank unresolved.

Putting all these risk into perspective, the N2,000 processing fee with a profit of N1,300 is not too much for for payment of school fees at the cafes.

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