It is sometimes both incomprehensible and reprehensive receiving depressing, heart-rending and lachrymose reports on sex-for-grades while managerial concomitant reports on extirpating same pervades the air.

Away from the above, it is also not clear why lecturers actually get their way through this act and go scot-free. Sex for grades have caused serious depression for the victims with many unable to get over the predicament.

Sex-for-grades refers to a situation where lecturers request to have canal knowledge of their students. When students refuse this intentions, some lecturers go extreme at getting what they want by either threatening the students or failing them altogether.

Let us agree that average varsity laws prohibits sex-for-grades. Nonetheless, we can not actually put away the Urhobo adage that implies that anywhere a man and a woman stays in mix for long, issues of sex may come in. Despite the above, the ‘consent clause’ is often overridden by lecturers with sexual escapades tendencies. 

One thing that perhaps baffles me most is how, despite acclaimed established university laws on sex for grades, lecturers actually engages in it and go without punishment.

This publication is written with special focus on one of the victor’s antics across boards – threats.

The Popular Tools of the Victors

One of the major tool used by sex for grades lecturers is threats. Threats of failure, threats of not graduating, threats to life and threats to/on the victims in whatever dimension they can.

Students, especially the undergraduates are very fearful and this is a win win for the lecturers on rampage. Some lecturers have turned their offices to hotel rooms in the universities. These stories, despite being widely shared by members of students’ community, yet are seldom sent to management for proper investigation since everyone are afraid of failure.

The Escape Route

The fear exhibited by the students as necessitated by the all-round threats caused by the victors is a big escape routes for lecturers. The level of sex-for-grades in the university communities now have become so appalling and irritating. It is even worse when those with power are the ones doing it – making it difficult to overcome.

Students on the over hand are so veiled with the fear of not graduating. What they actually do not know is that they are victims and need help in their circumstance. Speaking up will put them at no disadvantage at all but to get help from the situation.

The Way Forward

Sex for grades cannot actually be fought single-handedly. It will be a collaborative and concerted effort that can actually eliminate sex for grades. Below are some ways that may help:

  1. Put away the fear of failing if you report. That is the greatest weapon against you.
  2. Build strong institutions and departments both within and outside the university aimed at investigating and reporting incidence.
  3. Create platforms for continuous discussions like special sex for grades programmes in online.
  4. Enable independent press with very strong presence.
  5. Train investigative journalists. This should even be a number 1 agenda for any well meaning fighter of sex-for-grades. Investigative journalists gives you the proof you need.
  6. Build easy channels for reporting. This will enable students report safely.
  7. Where proof are not available, send warning to suspected/accused perpetrators. Too many cases go unattended because of the proof factor.
  8. Protect reporters. If you do not setup a system of reporting that protect reporters but expose them, your efforts will be in vain.
  9. Beckon on external forces. This is because man-know-man issues may overwhelm the internal structure.

For Students

  1. Report on time. Let it be written all over your face to the teacher that hell will let loose if you fail as a result of his unreciprocated escapades. Why you must report is that many cases go unreported, and where management is blind to your case, it cannot take any action.
  2. Record calls, record chats and take any other possible record you can in case it is needed as proof.
  3. Stay away from false accusation, it kills
  4. Seek wider collaboration amongst your colleagues.
  5. Dress decently. Man is naturally attracted to voluptuous figures. Do not go to any lecturer’s office looking voluptuous. You will start what you cannot finish.
  6. Read very well for any course you are being victimize for sex-for-grades. It will be of help.

Michael Jules is a Vocational/Business Educator, customer acquisition expert, copywriter and Masters student, Department of Vocational and Technology Education, Faculty of Education, Niger Delta University.