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Have You Read Our FREE Admission Guide Vol. III For Freshers? The Admission Guide Contains Information That Sets You On The Right Path in Your 100 Level. To Get It For FREE, ensure you do your clearance in our office. It Cost N1,000 but FREE For All Our Customers. See The Contents Below:

  1. Introduction:
  2. Classes/Lectures:
  3. Lecture Venues:
  4. Understanding the Lecture Timetable:
  5. Programmes, Departments and Faculties and their Locations:
  6. Unravelling the Mysteries of Calculating Your CGPA:
  7. Bursaries and Scholarships:
  8. Accommodation:
  9. Hostel Accommodation:
  10. Religious affiliations:
  11. Reading in Niger Delta University:
  12. Transportation:
  13. List of Courses in Niger Delta University:
  14. MPC Law: What You Must Know:
  15. Major Tenet of MPC Law:
  16. Top 10 Websites of Niger Delta University and their Functions:
  17. How to Apply for NDU Hostel:
  18. Cost of Hostels and Off Campus in Amassoma:
  19. Housing Plans in Amassoma:
  20. Hostel and Off-Campus, which One is Better?:
  21. Hostel Accommodation:
  22. Advantages of School Hostel Accommodation:
  23. Disadvantages of School Hostel Accommodation:
  24. Off Campus accommodation:
  25. Advantages of Off-Campus Accommodation:
  26. Disadvantages of School Hostel Accommodation:
  27. Which Accommodation is Better?
  28. Suggestions for Parents and Guardians:
  29. How To Write An Undergraduate Assignment:

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