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As economy continue to bite hard, many students have sought for self sponsorship by engaging in various endeavours that brings income to support themselves in school.

For other students however, though having sponsors, have also resorted to economic engagements to become self-reliant and independent from handouts from their parents/sponsors.

An Interplay of Students’ Economic Engagements and Academic Outcomes

Students’ engagement in economic activities usually pay off especially when such endeavour is viable. It helps settles academic demands, food, shelter amongst other personal needs.

Economic engagement in school is not without its side effects. Students who are engaged in economic activities are often noticed missing classes, test and even sometimes examinations.

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This often result in low/poor performance and even failure. If the focus on economic activities overwhelm academic concentration, the results can be negative.

The Case of A & U Ng Staff

A sizable 77% of A & U Ng (Admissions and UTME Nigeria) staff are students and often time, they interchange their office duties with class/school activities. It can be hard sometimes when staff have to miss a class for economic activities. Most times, staff may stay off the office just to ensure important academic activities are duly attended to.

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This material is practically focused on A & U Ng staff for the purpose of ensuring that its staff properly handles the consequences of working while schooling.

The Possible Consequences

Working while schooling may come with the following consequences:

  1. missing of classes
  2. inability to complete assignments, projects amongst other tasks on time
  3. may result in poor performance
  4. may result in failure
  5. may cause lack of interest in school activities

Curtailing the Possible Consequences

Students who double as workers can manage the effects of giving academics partial time by doing the following:

  1. Get all your notes up to date. Even if it has to do with paying a colleague to do that when you are busy. Updated notes is a way to get all the information from the missed classes.
  2. Avoid the temptation of writing an exam or test in proxy. Paying someone to write your ecaminations is a sure way to be led out of the university and all your investments go down the drain in vain.
  3. Avoid anything work within the last week to the exam to enable you put yourself together. One week is a fair time to read, understand and internalize contents.
  4. Make short notes that can help you get the whole idea.
  5. Do not let your disadvantage push you to malpractice. Be diligent.


It is often recommended that when students are engaged in studies, all attention should be focused on academic activities to ensure they come out with good grades. However, when it is difficult to do so as a result of difficulty in sponsorship, economic engagement becomes imperative especially when there is such possibilities. Nevertheless, students must continue to navigate the system to ensure that despite sponsorship challenges, there is much that can be done to keep academics and economics on a balance.


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