• Shooting was as a result of two cult groups – VC

  • Go about doing their lawful duties – VC

  • Suspect already confessed to crime and under the custody of State CID – VC

  • It doesn’t pay to be a cultist – VC

  • The management of the University will fish out whoever that is a member of any cult group – VC

  • All cultists should leave Niger Delta University or they will be caught and prosecuted – VC

  • Gross misconduct is the maximum offence considered in the University – Dean of Students

  • We have a water tight security system – VC

  • Student caught with crazy jeans and improper dressing must be apprehended and not allowed to enter the university environment


The Vice Chancellor, Niger Delta University, Prof. Samuel Gowon Edoumiekumo have condemned the shooting which took place in New Site 14th April, 2021.

The VC, though expressing displeasure over the incident thanked “the University community for handling the situation as we experienced and that management is on top of the issue now. Unfortunately the young man died after rushing him to Okolobiri and he is in the morgue now”.

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The VC added that “we have done our proper investigation and I want to thank the security we have on campus. They were able to arrest those who carried out this evil act and currently they are in the State CID”. The VC assured that “the young man that was caught confessed to the crime and so we are on top the matter”.

While tracing the root of the matter, the University don stated that “the incident occurred as a result of cult activities and I want to use this medium to tell the university community that everything is calm. They should go about doing their lawful duties and I do not think that a repeat of such will ever happen. It was very unfortunate it was a clash of two cult groups as investigations revealed. Even from the studio, we have been having our gingle. It doesn’t pay to be a cult member.

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“Look at how the young man wasted his life and look at what the youths are passing through – even this opposition cult group. They will face the wrath of the law. I want to plead with the university community, staff and students to shun cultism and always seen to be doing things that are lawful on campus”.

“The primary aim of the students in the university is to read their books, attend classes, write their exams and come out with good grades and not be involve in all these evil acts, cultism. It doesn’t pay at all, you shouldn’t be deceived”.

“I want to also say that the management of the university will not relax, we will continue to work with the security outfit to fish out whoever that is a member of any cult group. And we want to tell people who want to belong to one group or the other to leave Niger Delta University or they will be caught and prosecuted”.

On the gravity of the consequences of belonging to a cult group, the Dean of Students, Dr. Diepreye Okodoko, while describing the event as unfortunate noted that “it is clearly stated in section 9.8.1, subsection iv of the students handbook under gross misconduct, that for any student to be part of any cult group, it is an outright expulsion from the University”.

Any punishment classified under page 122 under gross misconduct is outright expulsion. This is because gross misconduct is the maximum offence considered in the University. So any offence classified as gross misconduct is outright expulsion.

And once you are expelled from the University, as it is in page 126, section 9.12, you will never be readmitted into the Niger Delta University in your life. You may go to another school, but for Niger Delta University, we will never admit you. And one you are admitted wrongly, by accident or my omission, at any level, you will be asked to leave the University.

So my advice to the University community is avoid all forms of gross misconduct especially leading to expulsion from the University, especially those that will lead to page 51, disciplinary committee. That is my advice to the University community.

On whether there is any form of orientation programme for the students on the rules and regulations of the University, the students’ boss stated that “orientation programmes is one of the 12 functions of the students affairs department. So the University from inception has been carrying out orientation from inception. It is carried out from the Department to the Faculty to the University level, it is a regular routine of the University.

On the state of security on campus, the VC stated that “we have a water tight security system, that is why you saw these boys were apprehended”.

“I want to use this medium to give a kind of order to the Deans and the security outfit that any student that is caught coming in with all these crazy jeans and improper dressing must be apprehended at the gate and should not be allowed to come into the university environment”.

I am giving the order to the security outfit even from this studion (though it is written in the students handbook) and if such a person is found, ensure you arrest that person, prosecute that person, use the students handbook accrdingly and present that person to the students discplinary committee and that is a semester and sometimes 4 semester rustication.