It has been report that a 200 level student of the Department of Marketing, Faculty of Management Science was shot in the left eye and was reported dead later in the hospital.

Multiple eye witness sources claimed that the victim just finished a test before the attack from a student on “black outfit” Instablock9ja reports.

The attack was said to have been a reprisal attack from yesterday’s inter-cult clash reportedly to have occurred at Tantua where one D****ny was severely wounded of gunshot.

Reports from Police personnel indicates that there was a shootout yesterday being 13th of April, 2021 at Tantua as a result of cult clash between Black Axe and Vikings where one member was injured and hospitalized at the Tantua hospital.

Same source reports that it was while waiting for the victim to come to the station to make a formal police report that the news of today’s attack got to the station.

The attack was said to have been carried out by two students of the University with the shooter wearing black attire. Unofficial school security report is that the school security, in collaboration with policemen on ground at the time of the incidence traced the shooter to Ogobiri where they saw them crossing Setraco road, entering Ogobiri and were tracked down and caught.

Collaborating the story, Amassoma police sources reported that the shooter was immediately taken to Yenagoa and has been handed over to the A Division Police Station in Yenagoa. The Police also confirmed the shooting and the state of affairs, confirming the death of the victim.

Meanwhile, the victim was earlier rushed to the Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital (NDUTH), Okolobiri where he was confirmed death.

While questioning further, many sources claimed that the victim is a cultist and was shot based on the ongoing clash. However, other sources who claimed to have investigated deeply into the matter asserted that the victim is not a cultist but may have been closed or mingling with cultist.

That source appealed to students to be careful and weary of the company they keep. “You cannot be a gentleman and move with cultist” the source admonished.

It is believed that more details about the matter will be open to the public in later time.

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