The challenges of gathering admissions information recently have become more pompous due to the level of availability of admissions data. Admissions information were more accessible in the past than now.

For instance, in 2016, admissions were released in batches and we were able to access these batches from the university’s official website – However, the case is now different. The university no longer release admission lists in PDFs as before with claims that such info are used for fraudulent purposes.

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The focus of this publication however, is on admissions which were initially released in batches but now released in just list. By batches, we mean set of admission list being released to be one batch. Then, we had Merit list, also known as first batch, Merit list continuation 1 and 2. All these are part of the first batch.

Then we had Supplementary List or second batch with supplementary list continuation 1 & 2. All these are second batch. We also had Direct Entry List then before other list will follow. These admissions were tracked based on the batches being released.

But now, it is very difficult to track the batches. From 2017 through 2019, while we were waiting for batches, all we see were flashes of lists. Not until this ongoing admission that it was becoming clear that the NDU may have been abolishing admissions batches for list.

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So, what we now see is just a list of names being released. The name in a list may not be as much as that of a batch. This current admission started on Saturday March 6th, 2021. From that first list, other lists have also emerged. The second list was released Monday 15th March, third list was Monday 22nd March while fourth list was released Thursday 1st April.

We are now waiting for the fifth list to be released and from past indication, it takes an average of 8 days for another list to be released. This data was gathered by adding the various admission lists intervals and dividing by the number of figures so added.

For instance, the first list was released 6th of March. The second list was released 15th of March. This is a 9 days interval. Then from 15th to 22nd when the third list was released is 7 days. Then from 22nd to April 1st when the fourth list was released is 9 days. This gives us 9 + 7 + 9/3 = 8.3.

The result is that it took an average of 8 days for another list to come out. Using this to anticipate the fifth list, this will take us to on the 9th of April, 2021. However, because of the uncertainty in the list release, we could only say the 5th list will be released days near on the 9th.

Again, due to the fact that admissions have been released on two successive Mondays, i.e. on March 15th and 22nd, the possibilities that today Monday may also birht another list cannot be put aside.

For now, we are still watching to follow up with the admission behaviour for the current circle. We anticipate that this admission will last through the month of June and beyond.

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