Emerald e-Corp works as follows:

1. Walk into our head office at No. 1, NDU road, by Main Campus Gate, Beside Redeem Christian Fellowship (RCF), Wilberforce Island (Amassoma), Bayelsa State.

2. Get a membership registration card and form with the sum of N500. The officer in charge takes all your details for full registration at this point.

3. Submit two passport photographs to be appended to your registration form

All You Need To Know About Emerald e-Corp

4. Make your commencement contributions/deposits. Emerald deposits are not timed like other cooperatives. Rather, you deposit as funds comes in. This is because it is students oriented unlike other cooperatives which deals mainly with workers. So, you deposit as you like.

5. If you are saving for your school fees, we pay up the fees immediately you complete it.

6. You have an option to take loans after saving for 6 months. You can take up to 300% of your savings to pay up your school fees. This means if you can save up to N50,000, you are qualified to get N150,000

7. Emerald does not give out cash for school fees. Rather, it pays to the University through its staff via your online school profile. You only have to get a school fees receipt and not cash.

8. Members pay monthly dues of N200 only

9. Loan interest rate is 5% monthly. This will be reviewed by the Emerald management as time emerges.

10. All loans repayment are to be completed in 1 year.

11. Scholarships will be granted based on raffle draw from all member’s database

12. Promotions will also be carried out from time to time.

13. Proceeds from Emerald will also be used for students’ academic projects that are technology and research driven


This information will be updated from time to time as more request comes in.

For customer care, call 08120661125

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