Emerald e-Corp is an electronic students focused cooperative currently running offline. It is a students’ cooperative where you can save your school fees small small (instalments) as your sponsor may not be able pay up once. Instead of keeping the part payment you have with you or your parents, we prefer you save it with Emerald e-Corp to get the benefits of saving with us.

Benefits of Emerald e-Corp

The primary benefit of Emerald e-Corp is the savings. We have been operating this scheme since 2019 and all operations have been largely offline. Now, we intend to make it a full blown entity of its own and no longer part of A & U Ng records. Savings actually saves you from utilizing that part fees for other purposes. Specifically, you will benefit from this scheme in the following ways:

Emerald e-Corp: How it Works

  1. Loans: As a member of Emerald e-Corp, you can request for school fees loans for your school fees after being a member for at least, 6 (SIX) Months.
  2. Extent of loans: You are eligible to request for only 300% of your total savings with Emerald e-Corp. A member with N50,000 can request for loans of up to N150,000. Loan interest will be at 20% monthly.
  3. Promotions: Promotions for the students community has always been a major drive for us at A & U Ng. Currently, we are doing school fees promo of N500,000 for our 2020/2021 newly admitted students. With Emerald e-Corp, we will be doing promotions from the proceeds from loans. Emerald e-Corp is actually not profit oriented but students oriented. It is tailored to the needs of the students’ community and proceeds from it will be reinvested into scholarships and promotions. It is all for the students.
  4. Scholarships: Over the years, we have registered students in various scholarship applications and watch how happy they feel when they are awarded in Shell, Agip, Total etc. We are glad that we are growing a platform where we can actually come in to support these scholarship gurus and be part of them. With Emerald e-Corp, we hope to sponsor lucky winners all through their stay in the University. We believe with your patronage, we can make it happen.
  5. Support: Since Emerald e-Corp is geared towards the welfare of the students’ community, most of the students’ programmes will be supported from time to time especially academic oriented programmes.

What Emerald e-Corp is Not

Emerald e-Corp is not a ponzi scheme where you keep N100 and in a month time, you get N1,000,000. It is just a scheme that helps you save for the rainy days and to help you with school fees loans, give promotions and scholarships.

Emerald e-Corp Services

With Emerald e-Corp, you can save for the following:

  1. School fees
  2. Save for December use
  3. Continuous savings
  4. Personal targeted savings
  5. Get school fees loans
  6. Stand a chance to win scholarships and school fees promotions (modalities for school fees loans and scholarships are still ongoing and emerging).

Head Office

Emerald e-Corp is operated from the stables of A & U Ng., No. 1, NDU Road, Beside Main Campus Gate, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State.

How to Register with Emerald e-Corp

Walk into A & U Ng’s office at main campus gate stated above and request for registration card. For direction or inquiries, call 08060699054

Cost of Registration

Since the registration is currently offline, we are registering all prospective members offline with the use of Emerald member cards. When our app has been fully developed, all registrations will be migrated online. Registration card only cost N200.


Emerald e-Corp is operated by the owners of A & U Ng. A & U Ng feathers numerous online subsidiaries like NDU Latest News, NDU Aspirants, Global Jamb Candidates, NDU Admissions and UTME, NDU Postgraduate Forum, MJE Resources, etc. A & U Ng is owned by Michael Oghenenyoreme Julius (socially known as Michael Jules). To read more about Michael Oghenenyoreme Julius, kindly click www.admissionsandutme.com/michael-jules.


Emerald e-Corp is currently being registered. Once approval and certificate has been tendered, such will be published in due course. Your patience is highly solicited.


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