The story of ritual activities in Amassoma recently have gotten the media awash with many claiming the stories are fake while others claimed they are verified stories.

Just 4 days ago, a picture of a young beheaded boy was circulated online with claims that the boy may have been used for money rituals.

Just yesterday again, another report have emerged that a lady’s vagina is discharging maggots as a result of being used for rituals by a Yahoo boy after sleeping with him. While we are only hearing of two unverified cases, the media is pointing to 3 different cases.

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Today, we made efforts to reach various resource persons and authorities in Amassoma with a view to confirming and getting official reports. Our first point of call was the office of the DPO in Amassoma. While our correspondent met with the DPO’s absence, we learnt that such case has not been reported to the police, hence, the police was unable to confirm the story.

We also made effort to reach the former vigilante boss, David Stanford popularly known as Gbegbegbe. While he stated that he has no official reports to enable him confirm the story, he however, stated that backyard stories supports the veracity of the story making the story seems to be correct despite lack of official confirmation.

Gbegbegbe stated that why the story is difficult to confirm is that the victims are trying to hide the act since it is a shameful and disgraceful act, hence, the complete report is becoming difficult.

Reports from residents also tend to confirm the incident. A close acquaintance who pleaded anonymity stated that he knows the victim and confirmed it is true. He claimed that the girl whose name is (unpublished for privacy reasons), who is not a student of NDU, residing in Okoloba-ama in Amassoma slept with a man who she couldn’t identify. It was also gathered from unofficial sources that the victim may be doing sex for money business before now which must have exposed her to sleeping with someone she couldn’t identify.

The former vigilante boss also lamented the degenerating nature of security in Amassoma, pointing to another recent development of an indigene who went to Ghana but returns with complains of same discharge from her private part.

He also pointed to the case of the young boy who was beheaded. He claimed the boy would go out in the evening to find snail, indicating coming from a poor background. He also added that people saw group of persons taking the young boy away but could not do anything. He added that there were gunshots the night the boy was abducted but no one dared. The boy was shot in his hands before being found without head in Tantua the next morning the vigilante boss added.

Local unauthoritative sources says that the boy and his friend has gone out at night to find snails when they were accosted. The lucky friend ran home to inform the parent of the victim. The father immediately alerted police and sent persons out with the friend to search for the boy. They returned that night without any information about the whereabouts of the boy.

It was in the evening of the next day reports came to the father that the boy who was in SS II is dead and beheaded.

From all indications, the cases may be for ritual purposes. The former vigilante boss called on the Amananowei, Compound Chiefs, the CDC and the police force to beef up security in Amassoma since pockets of cases of ritual activities are emerging in recent times in Amassoma with some going unnoticed while others unannounced.

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Our correspondents were also directed to the Okoloba-ama chief, Chief John Fyne for confirmation of the incident since it was claimed it happened in the compound. Chief John Fyne claimed he is not the Chief of Okoloba-ama but Ogoun Compound, that since Okoloba-ama and Ogoun Compound are close, they are often mistook for each other. He however corroborated the report that he is aware of the rumour but could not ascertain the identity of the said girl. He also directed us to the Chief of Okoloba-ama Compound, Chief Samuel Sikpi.

Contacted in his home, Chief Samuel Sikpi stated he is just hearing the information for the first time from our correspondents. He made efforts to reach out to members of his Compound to confirm the reports but was unable to reach them.

We believe as time unfolds, more reports will emerge and other stories will develop. Until then, keep your fingers crossed.

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