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Many parents who are aware of the fraudulent activities around universities’ communities have expressed worries over the years why they have to pay their ward’s school fees to cafe owners rather than a direct deposit to the Niger Delta University’s account number.

In the past, cafe owners had a hard time explaining these things to far away parents. Same challenge continue to pop up whenever a new session emerge.

This post is therefore, intended to inform parents, sponsors and guardians on how the Niger Delta University’s school fees is paid. This is with a view of allaying parental fears as to the anticipated fraud that may emanate from dealing with third parties like the cafes.

NDU School Fees in the Past

In the recent past, NDU students would pay their school fees to the bank, visit the bursary to change the bank teller to the original yellow-coloured NDU school fees receipt. But starting from mid 2017, the system changed and students were expected to create a profile with and pay their fees online using their ATM debit cards.

For newly admitteds, they are expected to create a profile with and also pay all their charges online. Meanwhile, many students are not familiar with internet payments. Some others want to avoid the risk that comes with internet payments altogether, hence, they prefer competent cafe owners to come in.

Advice from the University

The University management have repeatedly warn students, especially the newly admitted to ensure they use trusted and competent cafes in the processing of their acceptance fees, school fees and other accumulated charges. The University does not concern itself nor take responsibility for any challenges that emanate from dealing with cafes unless when it comes with unreceived payments where cafes are debited and other necessary issues which needs to be corrected.

On fraudulent issues, the university also assist through its security agents in finding solutions to fraud victims within and around the university community.

On the whole, parents should endeavour to identify and patronize dependable cafe owners that can handle all their fees payment without hitches.

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