If you are a fresh Jambite, one thing you may not know now is the issue of Jamb subject combination. Well, every programme (programme here refers to what students call courses) in the University have a set of subjects you must have. This is the core subjects amongst the 5 O’level credits. In fact, you must have these four O’level requirements before talking about the other subjects.

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For instance, in Economics as a programme in the university, you already know Economics as a subject in secondary school is a must, then you add other required three subjects. Then, if you want to study Biological Science in the University, of course, you know that Biology is a must in your WAEC/NECO and then you add the remaining three subjects.

So too, if you are going for Medicine and Surgery, you must have Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

What Is Jamb Subject Combination/Requirement?

So, subjects requirements are those core subjects needed for admission into different programmes in the University. Miis one subject and you may not be admitted into that programme you so like. This is to say if you are going for Economics as a programme in the University and in your O’level, you do not have Economics, just forget about that programme.

Then, you are going for Medicine and you do not have Physics, or you do not have Biology or Chemistry, just forget Medicine and write WAEC/NECO again.
Open you brain and read to understanding now before some scammers who already know that you do not qualify will promise you they will do it. And out of desperation, you will pay money. Of course, just know your money has been used for personal effects. It is long gone.

How To Get Jamb Subject Combination

When you pay for the Jamb form, some documents will be given to you. These documents includes Jamb subject combinations. Please, endeavour to read through the Jamb subject combination before you fill anything.

Additionally, ensure you fix your eyes on what the Jamb CBT official is doing to ensure you verify your credentials before they submit. Because out of haste, they may make an irreversable error and only you bear the consequence.

NDU UTME Subject Requirement/Combination

Originally, the subject combination for Jamb and NDU should be the same. But in some cases, they are often different. Although these differences are sometimes inconsequential, it is however, safer to use the University subject combinations because it is the University that will actually grant you the admission.
To see the NDU subject combination/requirements for all courses, follow this link below:


Why Subject Combinations/Requirements?

Subject combinations are the areas that are used to determine your suitability for certain programmes in the university. If you want to study Science related courses like Engineering, then you must know Mathematics. If you do not have mathematics, then you are not eligible to study Engineering in the University. Hence, the subject requirements are what tell the various admission institutions that you are eligible and can study such programme.

Is Mathematics Compulsory / Required for Admission?

YES. Without mathematics, it is difficult to gain admission into any Nigerian University. Very few programmes like Agriculture can manage a candidate without Mathemetics on O’level result (O’level means WAEC or NECO or any result of this type)

Is English Language Compulsory / Required for Admission?

YES. English Language is the first compulsory subject for admission. Unlike Mathematics where you can see few programmes that can manage Pass, English is a no go area. You must have a miimum of Credit in English Language before you can gain admission into any Nigerian University. If you even gain admission without it (which is possible), during 100 level clearance, you will be screened out and all you efforts wasted.

In some cases, some universities MAY allow you to gain admission into their system without Mathematics or English but will expect you to sit for it while in school so that before you graduate, you are able to get it.

List of Courses and Their Subject Combinations

Subject Combination For Faculty Of Education Programmes

  1. Business Education (Govt., Econs., Maths., & Eng.)
  2. Educational Management (Govt., Econs., Maths., & Eng.)
  3. Technical Education (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  4. Agricultural Education (Eng., Bio., Phy. & Chem.)
  5. Arts Education (Eng., Lit., Govt. & CRK)
  6. Adult and Community Development (Eng., Lit., Govt. & CRK)
  7. Guidance and Counselling (Eng., Lit., Govt. & CRK)
  8. Social Science Education (Econs., Govt. Geo., & Eng.)
  9. Science Education (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  10. Library and Information Science (Eng., Econs., Govt. & CRK)

Subject Combination For Faculty Of Science Programmes

  1. Biological Sciences (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  2. Geology (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  3. Pure and Applied Chemistry (Chemistry) (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  4. Physics (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  5. Microbiology (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  6. Computer Science (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  7. Mathematics (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  8. Physics (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)

Subject Combination For Faculty of Management Sciences Programmes

  1. Finance and Banking (Govt., Econs., Maths. & Eng.)
  2. Office and Information Management (Govt., Econs., Maths. & Eng.)
  3. Accountancy (Govt., Econs., Maths. & Eng.)
  4. Business Administration (Govt., Econs., Maths. & Eng.)
  5. Marketing (Govt., Econs., Maths. & Eng.)
  6. Insurance

Subject Combination For Faculty of Social Sciences Programmes

  1. Geography and Environmental Management (Econs., Govt., Geo. & Eng.)
  2. Political Science (Econs., Govt., Geo. & Eng.)
  3. Sociology (Econs., Govt., Geo. & Eng.)
  4. Economics (Govt., Econs., Maths. & Eng.)
  5. Mass Communication (Econs., Govt., Geo. & Eng.)

Subject Combination For Faculty of Arts Programmes

  1. Theatre Arts (Eng., Lit., Govt., & CRK)
  2. Philosophy (Eng., Lit., Govt., & CRK)
  3. Religious Studies (Eng., Lit., Govt., & CRK)
  4. English and Literary Studies (Eng., Lit., Govt., & CRK)
  5. History and Diplomacy (Eng., Lit., Govt., & CRK)

Subject Combination For Faculty of Agricultural Science Programmes

  1. Fisheries Production Technology (Eng., Bio., Phy. & Chem.)
  2. Crop Production Technology (Eng., Bio., Phy. & Chem.)
  3. Econs. & Rural Sociology (Eng., Bio., Phy. & Chem.)
  4. Livestock Production Technology (Eng., Bio., Phy. & Chem.)

Subject Combination For Faculty of Engineering Programmes

  1. Agricultural & Environmental Engineering (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  2. Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  3. Civil Engineering (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  4. Electrical/Electronics Engineering (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  5. Marine Engineering (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  6. Mechanical Engineering (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  7. Petroleum Engineering (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)

Subject Combination For Faculty of Law

  1. Law (Eng., Lit., Govt. & CRK)

Subject Combination For Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences Programmes

  1. Medicine and Surgery (Eng., Bio., Phy. & Chem.)
  2. Medical Laboratory (Eng., Bio., Phy. & Chem.)
  3. Biochemistry (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  4. Human Anatomy (Eng., Bio., Phy. & Chem.)
  5. Human Physiology (Eng., Bio., Phy. & Chem.)

Subject Combination For Faculty of Pharmacy

  1. Pharmacy (Eng., Bio., Phy. & Chem.)

Subject Combination For Faculty of Nursing

  1. Nursing (Eng., Bio., Phy. & Chem.)

Subject Combination For Faculty of Environmental Sciences Programmes

  1. Architecture (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  2. Quantity Surveying (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  3. Building (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  4. Urban and Regional Planning (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  5. Environmental Management (Eng., Maths., Phy. & Chem.)
  6. Fine and Applied Arts (Eng., Lit., Govt. & CRK).
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