As the 2021/2022 Jamb form is about to be released March 18th, 2021, it is very important you understand the issues surrounding your Jamb name before you fill any form.

It is very important that your Jamb name be the same with your WAEC name, LGA name and birth certificate name. This is because you wil need these documents for verification after admission in the University and the names therein in each document will be checked.

However, if there is any error in those names and you wish to correct them, then ensure that the final name that will not be corrected again be used for Jamb. Then you will swear an affidavit to tell the public that the different names in all the documents refers to one and same person.

The name to be used in Jamb, if it is unavoidably slightly different, should not be entirely different name from WAEC name.

That is if your name in WAEC is Michael Oghenenyoreme, and maybe you want to remove Michael, then you can do that. It will not be good to remove all the Michael Oghenenyoreme and use another name altogether. That would mean a different person altogether.

So, if your name in WAEC is Michael Oghenenyoreme and your Jamb name is Otega Mejero, you can see that these are two different persons altogether. It should be like Michael Otega. At least, someone will know you removed Oghenenyoreme and added Otega.


Please, you must not use initials in your documents. You must use your name in full the way it is. For instance, Michael Oghenenyoreme Julius MUST BE WRITTEN AS Michael Oghenenyoreme Julius abd not Michael Oghenenyoreme J. This is very important.

I would advice you to avoid any correction of name now and follow what you already have in your WAEC/NECO result and manage the name like. Only correct your name if there is no other choice. Also Note that Jamb name is FINAL. That is what will appear in your University Certificate.

Take note of the following:

1. WAEC/NECO name is very difficult to correct
2. LGA name is very easy to correct. In fact, you can do another
3. Age declaration is also very easy. You can do another one too.

In conclusion, ensure you use the same name in all your documents. No mistakes and differences here and there. For now, your name in your WAEC or NECO result is of greatest importance. Endeavour to use the same name in your WAEC/NECO in your Jamb too. You can easily do another LGA or Age Declaration but you will find it harder correcting WAEC or NECO name.

Surname, Lastname, Firstname, Middlename and Othername

Please, the following information is of great essence to you.Your surname is same as your lastname. They refers to your father’s name.

Your firstname is your main personal tribal name. Do not go and use your English name as your first name except your father is from London. My first name is Oghenenyoreme and not Michael. Michael is just my other name. Even if everyone calls you with your English name, that does not make your English name your first name. Please, take note.

Your Middlename and Othername are also referring to same thing. This can now be your English name or any other native name if you have two native name. Please, kindly click the link below and read the information therein for strengthen your name issues as you climb the academic ladder.

Your Name In Order Of Appearance

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