You must know these things before you buy your Jamb registration e-pin and complete your registration. So, read the information below before you register your Jamb form to avoid later troubles.

Most Important: Upon Jamb Registration, ensure you know and have your Jamb registration email, email password, phone number used for the registration, profile code and NIN. Request the cafe/CBT/Jamb officer attending to you to write them for you.

1. Know the school fees structure before Jamb registration

Please, go online and browse the school fees structure of the university you want to attend before you buy Jamb form and choose that university. School fees are very high these days. Many newly admitted students now are voluntarily forfeiting their admissions after seeing school fees. But I am like, does it mean you did not bother to check the fees before you chose the school?

Please, check now. Someone called me to confirm the school fees for a University. I confirmed and she started crying because her parents can’t pay. For your own well-being, kindly search for the school fees you will especially in 100 level before you leap to buy Jamb form.

2. Your email used for Jamb registration

Please and please, create your email NOW. Login with your phone and let your phone be familiarized with the email to avoid verification wahala. Do not login to the email with another phone. If you have to login here and there and verification issues came and you lost the email after using it to register Jamb, issues may start.

Please, write the email in a jotter, write out all your passwords too and keep it in the house. PLEASE, if you lost access to your email, you will have issues. Please, ensure you have unfettered access to your mail.

3. Jamb registration date for 2022/2023

Jamb registration commenced on Saturday 19th February to and will end Saturday, 26th March, 2022. This is a 5 weeks and 1 day registration duration.

4. Jamb Registration Cost

Jamb registration cost is N3,500 with an additional N500 for reading text. However, CBT registration cost is N700. This is a total of N4,700.

5. Your Name used for Jamb registration

Your name in Jamb MUST not be abbreviated. All name must be written in full. Secondly, the name you will use to register Jamb is your final correct name. So, if you made a mistake in your WAEC, correct it in your Jamb.

Then in school, you can do affidavits for your WAEC name. So sit your parents/sponsors down now and ask them which name are you going to use till old age/until you get married (for the ladies). Let them specify it for you. The name order must also be the way you will use it tilll old age. Please, this is very important for your well-being.

Then after knowing your correct name, if at all your age declaration and LGA certificate are not in line with Jamb name, you can go and get new ones that their name will be the same with Jamb. While you can correct all those documents, Jamb name correction is possible but very difficult and takes time . That is why you must ask your parents the lifetime name you will use before you register.

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6. Subject combination for Jamb registration

Please note, if you are going for certain programmes in the university (what you want to study in the university is called a programme, not course as we all refer to it. A course is like a subject in the secondary school like GST 100, CHM 101, etc.) you must know that there are core subjects you must have in WAEC, write in Jamb and and in your post utme.

So, if you are going for Engineering and you do not have Chemistry now, please, register WAEC again and get the Chemistry. Please, refer to Jamb syllabus for information on your programme course combination.

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Jamb Subject Combinations/Requirements: What You Must Know

7. National Identification Number (NIN) for Jamb registration

Jamb had earlier published that NIN number will be used to register the 2021/2022 Jamb. Therefore, go and scramble for your NIN registration NOW because it will bring issues later during the registration.

8. Next of Kin used for Jamb registration

Your next of kin is not somebody who will inherit your properties. The name of the person to inherit your properties by law is written inside your Will. A next of kin is someone that can be called in case of emergency.

Using your father, mother or anyone mature enough to handle all such possible emergency call is very important. Please, do not use a minor like your younger sibling or son/daughter for next of kin.

9. Your phone number used for Jamb registration

You see? Like your email, do not even think of losing your phone number which is your sim. Otherwise, anytime you want to do change of data in your Jamb profile, being it Programme, institution, LGA, date of birth, name, etc., and you do not have that phone number, it will amount to very big issues for you.

This is because Jab will send one time password (OTP) to that line and if the sim is lost, just forget it. Big suffer. Ensure that sim you want to use to register Jamb, nothing happens to it. It must not be stolen, it must be kept safe all through until you have gained admission, print your Jamb result and Jamb admission letter, then if the sim lost, no wahala again.

10. Jamb password used during Jamb registration

When the CBT people gives you your Jamb registration output form, please, ask for your password. Login to your Jamb profile there and then. Ensure you see your name and profile code in the home page. The website to do all of these is

Some cafe owners do not release the password nor will they tell you the email even as it is written in your Jamb registration form. This is because they want you to come back to them to do your business. Once you are done with the registration at the CBT, kindly ensure you have your Jamb email and password correctly.

The information above was for last session. For now, there will be no password immediately. However, you will receive your password and other relevant information after the registration has been done successfully. When you receive your password, kindly keep it safely.

11. Jamb Profile Code after Jamb registration

Jamb profile code is a code in your Jamb profile that identifies you in the Jamb portal. The Jamb profile code is a 10 digits code without letters like Jamb registration number. The Jamb profile code is located at the top middle of your Jamb profile home page.

This is to say once you logged in to your Jamb profile, you must see the code right away. The Jamb profile code is used when you want to make any adjustment in your profile like uploading of o’level result, etc.

12. Jamb result upgrade after Jamb Examinations

Very soon after Jamb examinations, you will see posts online trying to drag you into believing that Jamb result upgrade is real and possible. While I already believe that is a scam and fraudulent, you may want to try it out and see. If they approach you and your situation needs such illegal service (if at all it is possible), then tell them to do it.

After doing it, you go and check your Jamb score in Jamb portal if truly it has changed before you pay. This is where the fraud starts because they will edit your score and tell you it has worked. But if you check your score with Jamb website, you will realize that they do not have the power to upgrade Jamb result. Then your money is saved.

13. Documents Needed for Jamb Registration

The documents needed for Jamb registration are as follows:

  1. Passport (but live camera is often preferred and used)
  2. O’level result (This refers to WAEC or NECO)
  3. Registration fee (N4,700)
  4. NIN

14. Jamb o’level result upload – re-upload after Jamb registration

During Jamb registration, your o’level result will be uploaded. But there are some persons whose results were awaiting result. Some other candidates do not have results, hence they used awaiting results and did not upload any.

For these categories of candidates, when their results comes later on, they will have to upload it to their Jamb profile. This is why you will be hearing of o’level re-upload.

Additionally, some persons during their registration, even though their o’level result was uploaded, they did not reflect online. If you uploaded and you checked your Caps and it is not there, you will need to re-upload again.

15. CAPS (Central Admission Processing System) in Jamb registration

One thing you must also be aware of as a prospective Jambite is CAPS. CAPS is an acronym for Central Admissions Processing Systems. There are so many things you will do in CAPS later.

You will re-upload your o’level there if you check and it is not there. This is usually after the Post UTME examinations for those choosing institutions that writes Post UTME. You will also check your admission status in CAPS too. The functions of CAPS are much but forv the sake of this material, let us stop here.

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What is JAMB CAPS?

Documents to Keep Safe from Jamb Registration

The following documents are very important for you throughout your admission period@
1. Jamb registration email
2. Jamb password
3. Profile code
4. SIM card used for Jamb registration.

How Much is Jamb Registration Form?

How Much is Jamb Form?

The prize for 2022/2023 JAMB Form is N4,700

How to Register for JAMB 2020 Examination

To register for Jamb form, you will have to follow the steps below: (note that only accredited CBT centres can complete the process.

1. Create your JAMB profile code by sending your NIN to 55019 or 66019 (e.g.: “222***543*” to 55019 or 66019). This sms cost N50. Your profile code will be sent to you.

2. Then visit any accredited CBT center with your personal details and the profile code.

3. While at the cbt, all necessary payments and charges will be done. Note that although the Jamb form is N4,700, CBT centres charges differs significantly from each other. Some CBTs may even charge you up to N5,500 and above when Jamb said N4,700.

Does Jamb Upgrade Works?

No! Jamb upgrade does not work. It is just an internet scam where unsuspecting and anxious Jambites are defrauded.

Just as Jamb expo didn’t work in this era of Jamb CBT examinations, so also Jamb upgrade doesn’t work. Jamb results upgrade is a scam and myth. You need to be very careful. Don’t send your money or your parents hard earned money to internet fraudsters in the name of Jamb score upgrade. You may not have performed very well in Jamb, this doesn’t stop you from gaining admission. There are schools that accept low Jamb scores.

What You Must Know About Your Jamb Registration Name

Your Name In Jamb Registration (THERE MUST BE NO ABBREVIATION)

As you register for Jamb form, kindly ensure you look at your name specially. In the CBT form you will fill, enter your name in block form and in full. Ensure your name is correctly spelt. If you have more than two name, ensure you write out all the name. DO NOT ABBREVIATE YOUR NAME as in use initials. It will affect you when registering for NYSC upon graduation.

Jamb Subject Combination

Any programme you want to study in the University need three or four basic secondary school subjects. If you do not have economics as a secondary school subject in your WAEC, you cannot study Economics in the University. Medicine and Surgery needs English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
All programmes in the University needs their own core subjects. So, endeavour to know these subjects, get them as credit in your WAEC or NECO results before anything. Otherwise, even if you get admission into any university, you will forfeit the admission or you will be changed to another programme if your o’level meets up with another programme of study.
If you click the link below, you will see the various courses available and their course requirements:
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