Recently, a proposal video went viral in NDU with many students making both positive and negative comments about the proposal. Some even said the girl is too small for marriage. But guess what? Her age will shock you.

Follow our reporter, Ernest Menenee in an exclusive interview with  Ms. Goddy Angel as she unveil what led to the proposal and many more.

What is your name?

My name is Goddy Angel, a 200 level Microbiology student of Niger Delta University.

What is the name and Department of your Fiancé?

Well, his name is David. He is not a student, he is actually working.

What’s your age if I may ask?

I am 23 years old and he is 25 years old

How long have you been in the relationship with your fiancé?

We have been in this relationship for three (3) months.

Were you expecting this proposal?

No, I wasn’t expecting it actually.

So what went on that your proposal video went viral on NDU media?

Actually, that day was my birthday, yes. So he came visiting just to celebrate the birthday party with me. I never knew he was going to do this kind of thing, so we went outside to snap picture with my birthday cake. So he was like okay, everybody should come, he has something to say. So, the students were coming, my roommates, hostel girls were just coming.

So he was like saying I like you, I love you, you are the woman of my dream, I adore you, you are the best, will you be my wife? I was like, I was shaking, I was kinda scared because I wasn’t expecting it. But I just have to say yes because I really love him and he love me too.

So, when are we expecting that big day?

Well, I think it is this year.

What do you have to say about media talks?

Well, to those who are genuinely happy with me, I really appreciate them and I pray their turn will come soon just like mine so I can celebrate with them just as they celebrated with me. But to those who are not genuinely happy with me, f*** them all.

So, are your parents aware of the proposal?

Yes, my parents are aware. They are aware that we are dating too. So, they are aware of this proposal.

So, how do you feel about everything?

Well, I am really happy because it is not easy to find someone to love you the way you are, like cherish you, care for you, make you feel as if you are the best girl in the who world. I appreciate him.

So, are you ok with it?

Yes, I am perfectly ok with it. I am ready.

Do you think you will be able to combine both married life responsibilities and your studies together?

Yes, I will. I will be able to combine the responsibilities because I am actually ready for it 100%.


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