To check your o’level result in Jamb CAPS is vey simple. Just a few steps and you are there. Just ensure you have a good network, use a good browser like Google Chrome and a good phone.

If a CBT centre is not close to you, or you do not want to stress yourself, kindly send your details to us from the comfort of your home let us upload it for you. Details to send are: Well snapped copy of your o’level, profile code and full name. Send to 08060699054. Service cost N1,000 and N1,500 for two sitting(2 result). Send to 0081536529, Julius Michael Oghenenyoreme

Why Must I Upload My Result?

Without o’level result, there will be no admission. Your university can actually give you admission but when the list gets to CAPS and CAPS does not see your o’level status as uploaded, the admission will be there but will not show. It is just like you do not have o’level, thus, not qualified for the admission. Please, ensure you upload your o’level because NO O’LEVEL, NO ADMISSION.

Note: O’level refers to WAEC, NECO and any of its equivalent

Who Should Upload O’level?

Anyone who checks his or her CAPS and the o’level is not showing. It does not matter if you have uploaded many times. Just check. If it is there, then forget about any information to go and check your o’level result again because you have seen it with your eyes that it is there. If it is showing NO RESULT UPLOADED, kindly upload it again quickly.

If you Need Assistance in Checking Your O’level Result Upload, WhatsApp/Call 08060699054

How To Check O’level Result in Jamb CAPS

To check your o’level result in JAMB CAPS, just take the following steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Create e-Facility Account/Log in
  3. Insert your Jamb username which is your email and Jamb password
  4. Click log in
  5. Once logged in, you will see 12 coloured rectangle boxes. Scroll down to identify the last box with purple colour and with the inscription CHECK ADMISSION STATUS. Click it.
  6. In the next page, click on ACCESS MY CAPS. This will take you straight to CAPS.
  7. Change your phone view to desktop view if you are using a phone. CAPS won’t open in mobile view. To do this, click the options/settings at the top right of your browser. Some options/settings have 3 dots while some phones have 3 horizontal lines. Once the settings have dropdown, click on request desktop mode. CAPS will then open well. If not, you will be seeing only WELCOME.
  8. Click the options again, this time, at the top left. CAPS options will come up. Then click on O’level Result. If your result are uploaded, it will show here. Otherwise, you should re-upload.


How to Upload O’level Result on Jamb Portal