Polygamy is not a Sin Against God or Man

Obesi Ben Otas
Department of Educational Foundations, Faculty of Education
Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State
Feb, 2021


  1. Not all laws should be obeyed till eternity
  2. It is a sin for a woman to prevent her husband from taking a second wife
  3. Men should make their polygamy intentions known to the women before marriage
  4. God gave only 4 laws to guide human existence.
  5. There is no record in the bible about a commandment against polygamy.


Obesi Ben Otas

God could not have created more than one wife for Adam because Adam obviously doesn’t have any marital experience.

We read how only Eve controlled him to sin against God. Think about all that would have happened in that garden if Adam had two wives. He would have abstained from eaten the forbidden fruit if he had a second wife (just imagining).

The population of women is far larger than that of men, and God who created more women in his wisdom never condemned polygamy in the records of the Bible. Only desperate, deaf and blind interpreters misinterpret the Bible. (note: Recommendations are not commandments)

A nuclear family is only a choice not a commandment. He creating them male and female and declaring that the man shall leave his father’s house to join his wife is applicable to any woman the man decides to marry. However, that statement was as it was obtained there and then (based on existential reality). In Epie-Atissa where I come from, it is women who leaves their father’s house to join their husbands.

Laws are issued based on existential reality (a good example are the rules associated with covid-19). After covid-19 is defeated, it will no longer be mandatory to obey those rules.

Not all laws should be obeyed forever. The only laws that should be obeyed forever are Natural laws, they are directly from God, the creator. Examples are the laws of love, natural justice, equity and good conscience. These are the 4 Laws of God that should guide human existence. The rest are man-made.

Some of the laws in the Bible were specifically for the Israelites not for everyone. Consequently, no woman should prevent her husband from taking a second wife. Preventing your husband from taking a second wife contravenes the laws of love, natural justice, equity and good conscience.

Therefore, a man must be sincere enough to tell his fiancee that he has intentions to marry more than one wife if his resources permits him. This way, the woman who agreed before stepping into the marriage will not have a justifiable reason to fight against his husband or his second wife when the time comes.

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