There has been widely speculated information online about the NDU departmental cutoff marks. But none of these tends to be correct.

The truth is that NDU departmental cutoff marks are not made public. We have in the past made attempts to get these information but were not released to us.

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In 2018, we applied to the office of the Vice Chancellor to have access to the departmental cutoff marks. While the VC approved the application, getting to the admissions office which was to release the info, the application was turned down under the excuse that people use such info for fraudulent purpose.

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We have to reinforce our application to the VC’s office again but would not follow it up. This was because we feel the admissions office may then see that we are trying to pressure its policy on the release of such info.

Let us assume that nearly all universities release departmental cutoff marks and it guides candidates toward knowing their stand in the admission process.

Our staff visited the admissions office today to check on the current state of the departmental cutoff marks. We were informed that the University have not sit to discuss and release any of such info.

This shows that the NDU departmental Jamb cutoff marks is still a mystery till date and any departmental cutoff marks published online may not have come from the University management.

Consequently, candidates who have written the NDU post UTME are expected to JUST wait for admissions without bothering on whether their scores qualifies them for admission or not.

As the admissions officer puts it, anyone who scored above the 160 Jamb cutoff mark and above is eligible to apply for the post UTME and stand a chance to gain admission.

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