After Post UTME examination, the next thing in line is the release of the Post UTME results. The release of the Post UTME Result may take within a day to a week before they are released.

IT should be noted that the University do not pre-inform the public on the date of release of Post UTME result, so we always use previous activities to determine future occurrence. In this post, let us focus on the admissions.

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The next major action after the Post UTME examination and results checking is the first batch admission. It is also called the Merit admission List. It is believed that those whose names will appear in this list by all standard passed the University admissions criteria.

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From this list upward, it is believed that the next batches are based on the University’s discretion. Here, the management selects other candidates from amongst low scorers and grants them admission.

Under this circumstance, the discretion as used also means that if a candidate is going for Medicine and his/her scores are not good enough, the University can use it’s own discretion to grant the applicant a related course or a different course entirely but with related course requirements.

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This is when you see Jambites applying for Medicine but being granted admission into Science Education, from Nursing to Biological Science, from Law to Philosophy or Political Science.

The variability of the admission procedure follows that a University may not be able to actually grant all its candidates admission due to shortage in NUC approved capacity/placement, extent of facilities, staff strength, volume of applicants , etc.

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As at 15th of January, 2021, a day before the application portal was closed, w whooping total of 11,179 candidates have applied for the NDU Post UTME while as at 21st of January, Direct Entry application which we did in the office was counting 304. This gives a speculated total of 11,483 candidates who applied for the 2020/2021 NDU Post UTME.

Let us agree that there were other applications that came in late during the post utme examinations which may alter our figures above.

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From the time of the Post UTME to admission, it usually takes an average of 3 weeks interval. Please, refer to your Admission Guide, Vol. 1, pp. 12. If you haven’t purchased the Admission Guide, kindly get it here.

Page 12 of the admission guide reads: “After Post UTME examination, it takes an average of 2-3 Weeks before admission starts. However, the duration varies according to happenings in a particular session. Please, note that the admission last over a period of 5-7 months. So, if your name is not in first batch, it will surely come in subsequent batches”.

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The admission duration stated above may be difficult to attain in this current session because of want of time. This year’s admission circle may not be up to the time stated above. This is because Jamb form will be released in February and another session will commence soon.

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