Many candidates who completed their screening examination exercise have been asking how long will it take after post utme screening before results are released?

This question is difficult to answer because the University does not have a published specified time for Post UTME result release.

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Nevertheless, what we have always done is to create data from previous happenings and to use what we got to outline the possibilities for the future.

If you have our Admission Guide Vol. 1, p12, it is stated that it took within a day to 4 days during the last Post UTME before results were released. While this year may not be an exception, the possibilities that there may be variations cannot be downplayed.

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By this time in 2019, first batch of results would have been released tomorrow which is just a day distance. However, many other applicants’ results took up to 4 days before they were released.

While we are expecting the results of those who wrote on Monday by Tuesday, there are also possibilities that it may take longer.

Before we even talk of when admission will start, a question we also have data on, we wish to wait till the Post UTME screening is done before we jump to admissions.

The yearly admissions behaviour may change according to times. Just like we are now writing Post UTME in January, 2021 instead of August-September in 2020.

As the exams continue, we hope the results will be released without delay.

One thing to keep in mind is that due to the delay in the calendar, the admission process/circle this year may be faster than previous years.

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