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Throughout the immediate past week, the media have been partially rented with the upcoming NDU@20 event. The event, purportedly sponsored by the NDU Alumni is expected to be hosted in the Government House Banquet Hall, Yenagoa.

Hosting such an enviable event in such a prestigious government banquet hall should have been a nice idea, one that attracts accolades from the community of those who share same thought.

Despite the ideal notion of the above, what has been however kept at bay is the forfeiture of the benefits such an enviable and once in a blue moon event holds for the NDU community.

Unbanning NDU Students’ Unions: A Furthered Way to Keep the Peace and Tranquillity

This brings to my mind events surrounding my service to my fatherland. Posted to Community Secondary School, Swali, the school have not in a lifetime held an inter-house sport. As a dedicated force leading the corpers, I spearheaded an inter-house sport plan tabled to the office of the Vice principal (admin).

The Vice principal who in her own discretion felt the need to invite experts from neigbouring schools received the recommendation that the school field is small, hence the inter-house sport should be hosted in another school with a larger field.

While the above presentation was very valid, sound and acceptable, I however differed in my presentation when I held that taking the inter-house sport to another school is synonymous with taking the glory of the school to another under the guise of a small field.

In order to establish my submission, I suggested that I will run the lane twice in a 100m race where it was supposed to be just one round.

The result was overwhelming. Indeed, Community Secondary School, Swali held its first ever and only inter-house sport till date within its small premises. Swali community locals who never witnessed an inter-house sports in the school before thronged out in their numbers, spread along the road, watching, cheering, smiling and supporting. It was indeed a sight to behold.

The point here is clear – the glory of the event remained within the school despite all foreseeable odds.
At this point, one could not help but imagine… what are the odds that necessitated this decision to outrightly deny the NDU what rightfully belongs to it? A denial, not from outsiders but from those who are supposed to protect its interest. The tree cried, not because it fell, but because the axe that fell it had a wooden handle.

One of NDU’s foremost alumnus asserted that it was as a result of this over-gleanings to the government (where any small issue, politics takes over) that makes the NDU management continuously vehemently refused to unban students’ unionism. He added that the level of politics in students unionism would make a continuous ban even necessary.

As a way of perception, one could have accused the NDU alumni committee to have chosen the government over its subjects but for reasons submitted by the NDU alumni via a friend that:

1. Many anticipated guests are more in Yenagoa than in Amassoma
2. Yenagoa will be more convenient ans is a central point for all
3. To avoid stress to those who are coming from far distance, etc.

The above reasons, though sound and valid, can be quashed with a single superior argument; the event is as it is – Yenagoa at 20 and not NDU at 20.

NDU Alumni Association 2019 Elections: Outcomes and Observations

The NDU Alumni should be informed that this single act is a flagrant trampling on the glory of the Niger Delta University.

NDU Modern Multi-Purpose Hall – 2020 Matriculation Day

The NDU Alumni committee should know that this, in all sense of reasoning, portray the NDU as a no-good place to hold any prestigious event in the future. This is similar to the Elvida’s case who argued that Bayelsans are not worthy of employment – an outright insult on/and trampling on the sensibilities of the good and hospitable people of the land. Like the Elvidas, maybe the NDU Alumi may have had a bad experience with the NDU and use this opportunity to pay the community back – but I doubt.

Idyl during MC Monica’s NDU2DWorld Ceremony

I am compelled to ask: I felt the alumni executives attended the MC Monica’s event held in the prestigious and modern Multipurpose hall that wowed everyone? A show that till date, there has been none like it?

Maybe we should have voted MC Monica the president of the Alumni body – he would have better underscored the concept of raking more glory to the university than the current alumni executives and their advisers.

#NDU2DWorld to hold 12th December Annually – NDU VC

The Alumni body are not privy to the benefits that accrue to holding such an event in the NDU. I will explain nonetheless. In the NDU’s 5th convocation ceremony held January, 2020, many alumnus who came to attend the event were wowed by the development they saw. As Oghogho America, a UG/09 alumnus rightly observed, “you people are not even publishing the NDU enough. You mean all these things are here and we do not know? It is like a new school altogether”.

15,811 Graduates to Participate in NDU 5th (Combined) Convocation Ceremony – VC

2020 Niger Delta University Convocation Images

That joy of coming back to your school and feel like writing Jamb again all just to feel belonged. That passion to behold the walls of the university you once studied. That joy of being home, the alumni have successfully drowned it all and sold (given it away) it at the platter of convenience. Ill-conceived or ill-advised I guessed.

To stress this issue over and over again will bore no fruit but to elucidate the ways forward:

1. NDU have more Multipurpose Halls than is required. Use any of them. If you were not present in the MC Monica’s NDU2DWorld, please, learn more here. It was all joy.

#NDU2DWorld to hold 12th December Annually – NDU VC

2. Attendants can lodge in Yenagoa and come to Amassoma to attend the event if they are serious. It is an NDU affair, not a Yenagoa agenda.

3. Focus on the NDU experience than the political experience

4. You can decide to give the government a tip of an event but the bulk of the events must be within the confines of the institution

5. Give what is Ceasar’s to Ceasar! NDU’s name must not be used to carry out events that will bring no benefit to it.

6. The University need development in furtherance of the management’s developmental efforts. Please, allow the richer alumnus to come and see how they can support.

7. I will expect no member of management to honour any invitation to leave the premise of the University to attend any event in Yenagoa unless so held in Law Faculty. A king is not coronated in another man’s land. If this happens, it will affect our positive review of the management.

It will be a nice idea if the alumni body allow itself to be amenable and act accordingly.

Please bring it on home to us!
Make it NDU @20, not Yenagoa @20!
Long live NDU!
Long live NDU Alumni!
Long live Bayelsa State!

Prof. Samuel Gowon Edoumiekumo – VC
Mr. Benjamin joffa – Registrar
Mr. Idoni Ingezi – PRO
Daniel Inebiri Enetimi – Alumni President
Opuowei Daniel Zitimiyola – Ex Alumni President


Angalapu Dengiyefa
Godspower Ekpulu
Oghogho America
Cletus Ogeibiri
Dennis Fanen Terna
Divine Otumbere



Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules is the Lead Researcher, Admissions and UTME Niger (A & U Ng)

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