A vote for Professor Samuel Gowon Edoumiekumor is a vote for educational upliftment and development in Africa. This is mainly due to the fact that Professor Edoumiekumor have frontiered educational development in the Niger Delta University within the last couple of years.

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1. Impressive Facilities Development and Upgrade

The administration of Prof. Samuel Edoumiekumor has impressively improved facilities and the quality of existing facilities to such a great extent. Even facilities which were hitherto not in so much bad state were upgraded. An instance of this can be sighted in the main campus auditorium and many more like the LTs which are now being upgraded with modern/standard seats. The Library-main gate road which was also in good state but was also elevated as a result of the administration’s response to flooding in the state – the list is just endless. These are proofs that the administration have taste when it comes to facilities – not just development but development with taste.

African Leadership Magazine Samuel Gowon Edoumiekumor Nomination Vote Counts 04/01/2021

2. Flexibility in Students’ Friendly Policies

The administration of Sammy is also replete with policies and instances reflecting foresight and insight, flexible and students friendliness. The administration has played down on the obnoxious MPC Law which resulted in serious riots in January, 2016. Now, students can resit for failed courses. Even in the Nursing, Pharmacy and related fields where students probate because of failing certain courses, better policies are now in place to enable students resit rather than repeating same level.

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3. Deep Consciousness of Academic Time

The VC is also one with deep consciousness of time. It is on record that only NDU have heard the word ‘concurrent semester’. This policy presupposed that first semester holds in the morning while second semester holds in the afternoon/evenings. Though opposed and quashed to a constricted normal semesters of 8-week each, it is an indication of the VC’s consciousness of academic time.

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In order to beat time, the NDU students under the Sammy administration have been subjected to no-semestery-break. This means first semester can end on a Saturday while second semester commenced the next week Monday. This tendency have also been identified between sessions over the last couple of sessions. Although these policies have been viciously/wildly and widely opposed, current events indicates that these are the policies we now need.

African Leadership Magazine Award for 2020 Persons of the Year

4. Computerization of Examinations in Response to Missing Scripts

To avoid the occurrence of missing scripts, the VC is on a move of making nearly all the university’s examinations computer-based. Currently, all GSTs and many Science courses are computer-based. Reports have it that others may follow soon.

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5. UG/14 Policy

To solve the occurrence of students repeating final year because of one/few course(s), the UG/14 set of graduates who had pending courses were allowed to resit for such courses so that they can graduate and go. These are first of a kind policies in the local community. These are many of the reasons why we also termed the Sammy administration as a flexible administration.

This policy helped students who were at loggerheads with their lecturers and were being held behind with wicked intentions. Many UG/14 benefactors has over the years voiced their appreciation for the Vice Chancellor for the policy calling it as timely and life-saving.

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6. Speedy and Massive Construction on Campus

When the main campus auditorium was under upgrade, I observed that the tipper drivers were very fast – quick to trip and return. One almost hit me when I shouted ‘oga, I dey here o, no jam o’. But one thing was glaring; it was as if there was a deadline order and you can see it in the behaviour of the workers. Truly, the main auditorium upgrade did not even take more than a month. The turn-around was very impressive.

The VC is also a vibrant supervisor who goes out with his team to check the progress of projects under construction. Little wonder contractors are very quick in completing their jobs.

As we speak, NDU students have been on holiday since March, 2020 but many parts of the school have been upgraded. Many students will resume on the 16th to meet new designs and facilities. It is true to the PRO who asserted that the VC have turned to University to a dockyard of massive construction.

Before and After of NDU Main Campus Library/Main Gate Road, 2020

VC Has Turned NDU To A Dockyard Of Massive Construction – NDU PRO

7. Internet Inclusion in Academic Administration

It is also on record that the VC’s internet savviness and friendliness have brought great and unaccounted fortunes to the university and the local community. Today, nearly all processes have been computerized. This have created great economic fortunes for the local business people.

8. Increase in Admission Capacity

Records also have it that the VC have increased the university admission capacity tremendously. The 2019 annual thanksgiving pamphlet of the university contained information on the admission growth of the university. It was published that from 3,500 admission capacity when the VC resumed office on May 18th, 2017, the record is now set at a whooping 7,600 – a 109% increase.

African Leadership Magazine Samuel Gowon Edoumiekumor Nomination for African Educationist of the Year

9. Introduction of Skill Acquisition

As an administrator who understands the scarce nature of jobs in Nigeria, he introduced skill acquisition in the University so that serious students can learn skills while in school and earn a living with such skills if post graduation life becomes difficult as a result of the scarcity of jobs in the country.

While many may not understand the imperative for this, someone like me who have written appeal letters to my Departmental and Faculty superiors before the introduction of the skill acquisition on the need to create a business/skill/market centres for the Department of Business education and all me appeals quashed, I have a very good understanding of what this means for the community. I hold the VC to having a better understanding of academic administration.

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10. Ability to Attract Philanthropists and Contributors

Another aspect of the VC that is hard to imagine is his ability to source for contributors to the university. Aside Tetfund and other regular bodies who assist universities in the area of facilities development, the VC has attracted several contributors to the university. One of these is the NDDC who are on a mission to install a rice farm in the university so that Agriculture students who wish to go into rice farming can do so practically. Several other contributors like that are in the pipeline according to the PRO.

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While we continue to put in more pressure on the management to unban students unionism, the VCs’ contributions to the academic community, if well articulated leaves us with no choice than to reciprocate the kind gesture. Life in general is give and take. It is only fair we give this award the the man who have done a lot to the academic community.

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Ladies and and gentlemen, please vote, Professor Samuel Gowon Edoumiekumor, Vice Chancellor, Niger Delta University for African Leadership Magazine Educationist of the Year.

To vote, kindly visit https://www.africanleadershipmagazine.co.uk/alm-persons-of-the-year-2020/ and scroll to the section with the title ‘African Educationist of the Year’ and click on the check box beside Prof. Samuel Edoumiekumor and click ‘Vote’ underneath.

Also use the medium to vote His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan as African Peace and Security Leader of the year.


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