Many applicants have been asking to know the nature of the University Post UTME Screening examinations. While many are asking to know the number of questions, duration, requirements, etc. to enter and sit for the examinations, some few have ulterior motive to know if at all impersonation into the University Post UTME examinations is possible.

This is very understandable given the nature of a porous educational system we have in the country where in examinations such as WAEC, NECO, JAMB and their likes do witness elements of leakages where candidates actually smuggle mercenaries inside the examination halls and successfully write their examinations for them. Although many are being caught and sanctioned by the relevant bodies, many others get away with such incredulous act.

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Back to the Post UTME examinations, our earlier questions is called to mind – can I impersonate in the University Post UTME?

If there is a singular answer to this question, it will be a capital NO. However, there is need to dwell on this issue to enable University admission seekers understand the environment they are heading and prepare themselves accordingly.

The University Post UTME is one of the worst examinations a University admission seeker would face in life. In 2008 when I wrote my first Post UTME, then it was manual. The seats are long and candidates only sit in 2s. One at this end and another at the other end. So, even if you find leakage to cheat, you may not be able to communicate.

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Mind you, if you are caught talking, turning, making noise, or discussing with any other person not the invigilator, you are done for the day.

Now that it is CBT, same behaviour too. Post UTME examination rules are very strict. It is just you and you alone. No phones, no parents by the side of the windows, no talking, no borrowing, there is no paper to turn and show anyone, you can’t turn the direction of your monitor – it is just you and your brain. So, if you forgot your brain at home, it is same that you will use guess work to answer your questions and that will lead to failure.

Need Soft Copies of NDU Post UTME Past Questions? Call or WhatsApp 08060699054

So, if you belong to those league of candidates who used mercenaries during WAEC, NECO, JAMB, etc., then you are as good as dead. Start learning something. Those who read well for their O’level and Jamb examinations, even if they do not have enough time to prepare, their earlier preparation would still serve them in the Post URME because the contents are in line.

Additionally, what you knew throughout these periods will also help you in 100 level as many of the 100 level contents will take from previous knowledge.

No knowledge is actually waste – reading ceaselessly now have a lot of benefits for you now and in the future.

Need Soft Copies of NDU Post UTME Past Questions? Call or WhatsApp 08060699054

If you are thinking of taking ochuko (helper/assistance /cheats) inside the examination hall, just know now that nothing of such is allowed. You will surely be caught because invigilators will be everywhere. And once you move abnormally, your time is up already because it means you have nothing to write.

The best advise I will give to you is to keep on reading and reading, reviewing past questions and answers, they help. If you don’t know much, write the little you can and submit. There is no need trying to cheat and losing the little you have written.

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Need Soft Copies of NDU Post UTME Past Questions? Call or WhatsApp 08060699054