Many NDU Post UTME applicants are complaining that they have not received sms sent to all the applicants, notifying them of their post UTME screening dates. The Post UTME SMS includes information such as time, date and venue for each applicant.

While the Venue and time for all programmes remains the same, the dates are different as the screening commences Monday 18th January through Friday 22nd January, 2021.

The sms which has the sender name ‘Be-Informed’ was sent on the 22nd of December, 2020.

There are many reasons why NDU Post UTME applicants may not receive the sms sent to all applicants. The sms is an automatic push notification and once an applicant did not receive it, it MAY not come again unless the process is re-attempted a second time by the school authority for the benefit of those who did not receive.

Here are some reasons why NDU Post UTME Applicants MAY not receive the sms sent to all applicants:

1. Lost of phone used in Post UTME application

If you lost the phone you used to apply for the NDU Post UTME application, there is every possibility that you MAY not receive the sms. This is because the puch notification is directed to the mobile contact supplied during application.


Do not worry about this. Just follow the timetable and identify your date and go ahead. During clearance, you will supply another number that you are using then.

2. Poor Internet Service

If at the time of sending the push notification, if internet service is poor, it may also affect service delivery.

3. Poor voice network service

Aside poor data service, if your normal voice service is poor at your end, it may also affect your phone receiving the sms.

4. Wrong Phone Numbers Used During Application

Sometimes, as a result of trying to meet up with time, cafe persons may make a mistake while entering your phone number. If this happens, that means you cannot receive the sms again. This will be corrected during clearance after admission.

5. Internal Network Issues

There are times when you send message from MTN to GLO or between any other network and you realized the messages are not received. This kind of happening is often seen with the Glo network. If this type of internal issues was affecting, it may also be difficult to receive sms at the time.


If you did not receive an sms from the NDU notifying you of your examination date, there is no need to worry. Just visit and download the timetable and identify your examination date.

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