One aspect of knowledge in academic communities and internet marketing in particular that have been largely left unattended and unresearched is the study of the relationship between comic and business operations/growth. Over the years, the researcher have been particularly keen to understanding how prospective customers known as leads in marketing actually react to patronage when comic relief is added to adverts, conversations and presentations.

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What is Business Comic?

Comic application in marketing as used in this context (also business jokes) refers to the use of jokes, humours and playful presentation of oneself and/or business entity. Most customers, before they actually make their first purchase with a business entity, must have been following the business online for quite some time. While they do not buy at first contact, repetitive interaction sometimes lead to conversions which is more possible when comics is applied.

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Joking with clients

In specific terms, marketing comics refers to normal Facebook posts by business operators intended to make their audience laugh/smile. They are also memes, caricatures, impressions and expressions that lift the very soul of an audience. Marketing comics are the totality of online contents created and utilized for the purpose of reaching and entertaining an entity’s publics.

Role of Marketing Comic in Business Growth

Marketing comics have its role in influencing the disposition of existing and prospective customers towards an entity. It opens up customers’ mindset towards doing business with an entity; it disarms their protective guard towards buying a product; it prepares prospectives behind the scene to make a future purchase; it assures prospective customers who hardly knows an entity that such entity is safe to do business with and enable an environment where prospectives believe that fraud is impossible – a trust needed by organizations to do smooth business.

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An Understanding of the Relationship between Marketing Comic and Business Growth
Over the years, the researcher have observed and understood the behaviour of prospectives towards future purchase and the added overwhelming possibilities when comics is applied to interractions and presentations over time. Many prospectives are compelled to pay up for purchases/services even before they need it. While online prospectives actually suspect all online sellers to be fraudsters until they are convinced, the comic seller would have succeeded in pearcing into hearts and minds times ahead before sales is made.

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In an attempt to convince a Canadian prospects who wanted to process his transcripts that the researcher is not a fraudster, that he can actually trust and do business with him, the prospect cuts in to say “don’t worry, your profile is before me”. Many other prospects had called in for the first time to request for account details to make payment and when asked why they are ready to make payments without any discussion, they simply say “I have since been following you online “. It can be guessed that the works online have convinced them enough that the climate is safe to actually do business. The prospects were actually following all the while and were convinced by everyday comic presentations and interactions on Facebook which readers have been conditioned through backlinks to flow along.

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Author’s Opinion

Having observed and underscored the relationship between comic application with prospectives’ behaviour towards buying, the researcher is of the view that the application of comics in the presentation of goods and services, conversations and advertorials result in more sales as it helps compel prospects to make purchase and convert leads to actual customers. Comics therefore have a significant role in the increase of sales and subsequent business growth.

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Nevertheless, business owners intending to apply business jokes for the purpose of getting closer to their customers must understand how to use jokes/comic in their presentations, conversations and posts. A wrongly applied comic may mar and set off customers’ scorn for an entity. Comic used must be plain and easy to understand to enable the public flow along.

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Understanding how to use jokes to wow customers is a very important tool in business. These days, buyers have learnt better ways to keep themselves from buying to avoid unnecessary expenses as income have become insignificant in the face of overwhelming expenses. Accordingly, marketers have continued to look out for best and modern practices to pry into customers’ guard, disarming their protective mindset to enable compulsory purchases.

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Comics is one of those modern practice and if properly utilized and implemented, the benefits that accrue are immense and the results may be overwhelming.


Based on the conclusion above, the following suggestions are put forward:

1. businesses should investigate into ways in which business comic is relevant to their operations.

2. avoid comics that will attract public scorn.

3. attempt advertorials, presentations, posts and conversations that penetrate products into hearts and minds of the audience.

4. not all comic presentations should be intended for subsequent sales. Many should be for the purpose of entertainment. Sales just follows afterwards in its own way.

5. comics should reflect on the daily life experience of the everyday people. It should resonate and speak about the daily experience of the audience.

6. comics must not be offensive but appealing.


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Michael Oghenenyoreme Julius

Marketing Educator and PG Student
Dept. of Vocs. & Tech. Education,
Faculty of Education,
Niger Delta University,
Wilberforce Island,
Bayelsa State.

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