The time for all NDU Post UTME Screening exercise which is to commence 18th January through 22nd January, 2021 is 8:00am prompt. Unlike other examinations which may have different time clusters spread across the day, the NDU Post UTME time is just 8:00am for all candidates and MAY span through the evenings.

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NDU Programmes, Post UTME Dates with Subject Combinations

The Post UTME practice follows a process whereby first comers are screened to enter inside the examination hall, commence writing and when their time elapse, they exit and other applicants enter to take over their computers. This is to say the examination last through the evenings until the whole applicants are done writing for the day.

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The Niger Delta University is known for good time behaviour. That is to say “all things being equal”, the 8:00am will be 8:00am prompt and no more. In past NDU Post UTME, screening time starts by 7:00am, and it was just so. Candidates who went to the venue by 7:00am met others already writing. So, if NDU says the 2020/2021 Post UTME time is 8:00am, do not procrastinate expecting Nigerian time. Be there by 7:00am prompt and witness all that will happen before the examination.

Date, Time, and Venue in NDU Post UTME

Early coming to the Post UTME venue has always been part of our yearly campaign for admission seekers. This is largely because those who come from afar in the morning of the exams often experience one or two hitches on the way. Last year, a candidate coming from Lagos, even though started coming the day before, experienced various issues on the way. He could not reach Amassoma the day before, couldn’t even be present in the morning to the exam. He arrived around 5/6:00pm when the exam was done. Luckily, we placed a call to the ICT office to complain and they directed the candidate to join others writing the next day.

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Breaking! NDU 2020/2021 Post UTME Exam Date Released! To Hold January 18th – 22nd

So, you never can tell what will happen on the way for those coming from afar. It is a wiser choice to make preparations to arrive Amassoma a day before and get an accommodation, relax your nerves and set off to the exam venue (ICT Centre, New Site, Wilberforce Island/Amassoma) the next morning.

If however, you live around Amassoma, probably in Yenagoa and environs, then you may decide to come in the morning. But understand that morning traffic is another big issue. Vehicles are scarce during NDU Post UTME days and applicants often scramble for seats. In the next article, I shall be detailing how to beat the traffic during the post UTME days.

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In all that I have said, just remember not to be caught late. Be in the queue as early as possible and get on with your exams. To do this, you must endeavour to know how many hours/minutes it wil take you to get to Amassoma. This will inform your judgement if to come the day before or on the same day.

Let us agree that the exam will span into the evenings and even if you arrive 10:00 or so, you may still meet the exam and write your papers completely. But you do not really want to use your career to play NairaBet right? So, be there on time.

Where is NDU Post UTME Venue

I wish all applicants good luck in advance.
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