This post is updated October 19th, 2021
NDU has shifted its 2021/2022 Post UTME date from October 25th-27th, 2021 to November 8th-10th, 2021. See the list of programmes offered in NDU, their dates, cutoff marks and their exam dates.

NDU 2021/2022 Post UTME Venue

The venue for the NDU Post UTME is the NDU ICT Hall, New Site.

See The List Of Programmes You Can Apply for With 150 in NDU

NDU 2021/2022 Post UTME Time

All time for the NDU 2021/2022 Post UTME starts 7:00am. NDU does not do African time. Be there before 7:00am.

NDU 2021/2022 Post UTME Dates

Below are the dates for all programmes in the NDU Post UTME

NDU 2021-2022 Post UTME Timetable

NDU 2021-2022 Post UTME Timetable

Monday November 8th, 2021

List of programmes:
1. Geology, cutoff mark is 150
2. Pure and Applied Chemistry (Chemistry) 150
3. Computer Science 150
4. Mathematics 150
5. Physics 150
6. Biochemistry 150
7. Science education 150
9. Geography and Environmental Management 150
10. Political Science 150
11. Sociology 150
12. Social science education 150
List of programmes:
1. Theatre Arts 150
2. Philosophy 150
3. Religious Studies 150
4. English and Literary Studies 150
5. History and Diplomacy 150
6. Law 220
7. Arts Education 150
8. Adult education and community development 150
9. Guidance and counselling 150
10. Fine and applied Arts 150
11. Mass communication 180
12. Library and information science 150
13. Agricultural & Environmental Engineering 150
14. Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering 160
15. Civil Engineering 150
16. Marine Engineering 150
17. Electrical/Electronics Engineering 150
18. Mechanical Engineering 150
19. Petroleum Engineering 150
19. Technical education 150
20. Architecture 150
21. Building 150
22. Quantity surveying 150
23. Environmental management 150
24. Urban and regional planning 150
25. Fisheries Production Technology 150
26. Crop Production Technology 150
27. Econs. & Rural Sociology 150
28. Livestock Production Technology 150
29. Biology 150
30. Agricultural education 150
31. Microbiology 150
List of programmes:
1. Finance and Banking 150
2. Office and Information Management 150
3. Accountancy 150
4. Business Administration 150
5. Marketing 150
6. Insurance 15
7. Business Education 150
8. Economics 150
9. Educational management 150
10. Medicine and Surgery 250
11. Medical Laboratory Science 150
12. Biochemistry 150
13. Human Anatomy 150
14. Human Physiology 150
15. Pharmacy 180
16. Nursing 180
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The following information are for 2020/2021 Post UTME

2020/2021 Post UTME Date

A clarification on NDU Post UTME Date, time, course and venue is very important at this moment since many NDU Post UTME applicants are complaining they are not seeing their courses in the timetable.

All You Need to Know About NDU Post UTME, Admissions and Clearance

While the timetable is clear from the viewpoint of those in the University, for the newbies however, it is complicated.


When will ndu send time and seat number
how can I get my ndu post utme seat number
is NDU still sending seat number sms

Hence, we find it necessary to throw a little clarification on it. Lets take the issues bit by bit in accordance with the questions NDU Post UTME applicants ask.

Breaking! NDU 2020/2021 Post UTME Exam Date Released! To Hold January 18th – 22nd

Meanwhile, the screening timetable is available at Or you can download the PDF file at

NDU Post UTME Questions and Answers

How Can I Download NDU Post UTME Timetable?

Click this link, the form will download. Or Visit

How Do I Know My NDU Post UTME Date?

If you dis not receive SMS stating your NDU Post UTME Date, then do not be worried. The truth is that your date is in the timetable but the problem is that your course is inside your Faculty. So, your Faculty is there but you are not seeing your course.

How to Get Post UTME Past Questions and Answers For All Universities

The first thing you have to do is to know your Faculty. So Click here and go to see all the list of courses in NDU and their faculties. Anywhere you see your course, know that the Faculty on top is your Faculty. So go back to the timetable and locate your Faculty. Anywhere you see your Faculty, that is your date.

How Do I Know My NDU Post UTME Time

The time for the NDU Post UTME is 8:00am Prompt across all days. This information was contained in a text message sent to all applicants. If you do not receive the message, do not worry. Just click the link provided above to download the timetable.

I Do Not Receive My NDU Post UTME SMS

For those who do not receive the NDU Post UTME SMS, they should not be bothered. All the necessary information are already in the timetable. Kindly download the timetable with this link. Click here

Where Is The Venue For NDU Post UTME?

The venue for the NDU (Niger Delta University) Post UTME is the NDU ICT Hall, New Site. To get there, take any vehicle heading to Bayelsa. All vehicles stops at Tombia Junction. From that Tombia junction, take Amassoma vehicle (Car N500, Buses N300/N400, while Coaster buses load for N200).

Inform the driver to stop you at New Site Gate. They may even be the ones to ask if there are Post UTME candidates in the vehicle.

I Lost My Sim and I Did Not Receive Text Message. What Is My Fate?

If you lost your sim you used to register NDU Post UTME form and you did not receive any text message, do not worry. Just download the Post UTME form and use it like that.

How Do I Get My NDU Post UTME Seat Number?

There is no seat number for the NDU Post UTME Screening/Examinations. For long now, the NDU does not work with seat number. All you will be required to do is to visit the venue, which is the ICT Centre, New Site, Wilberforce Island/Amassoma, Bayelsa State. On getting there, present your Post UTME Form. You will be verified, confirmed and allowed to enter the ICT hall to write.

How  and When Do I Reprint My NDU Post UTME Form

There is no need reprinting your NDU Post UTME Form. The reprint was due to the timetable. You can now get your NDU Post UTME Timetable via the university link provided below:

If you click this link, you will be referred to WhatAspp to ask more question to get more clarification

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