How to Download and Fill Referee Forms

How to download and fill referee forms for NDU postgraduate may be a bit technical for many referees especially because of familiarity with email use. Another thing may be as a result of network connectivity, errors leading and possible security checks as was the case at the earlier stage when email referee form commenced.

New! NDU Postgraduate School Commence Sending of Postgraduate Referee Mail

In this publication, referees and Postgraduate applicants will learn how to complete the NDU Referee form and upload it.

The NDU Referee Form

The NDU referee form was initially downloaded upon completion of NDU Postgraduate form application, printed and sent manually to the referees. The referees complete the form and send back to the applicant for uploading.

However, the pattern have changed. Starting from the 2020/2021 academic session, NDU now send referee forms directly to the referee emails provided during application.

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The referees are expected to download the form, fill it and send manually to the applicants. Referees far away can also fill, scan and mail to the applicants.

Nonetheless, many referees are finding it hard to download the referee forms. This publication is aimed at helping referees to download and complete the NDU Postgraduate referee form.

New! NDU Postgraduate School Commence Sending of Postgraduate Referee Mail

Sample of NDU Referee Form

Sample of NDU Postgraduate Referee Form Page 1

Sample of NDU Postgraduate Referee Form Page 2

How to Download and Fill Referee Forms for  NDU Postgraduate

The NDU Postgraduate Referee Form link is sent to the referees. If you are a referee, then login to your email and find the mail from the NDU Postgraduate School.

1. Click on the link in the email sent to you.

2. A page will open. If you see a threat message after clicking the link in your email, no problem. Just click on advance, then click continue, the page supposed page will come up.

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3. Inside the page, you will see two tabs to insert numbers. The first number is APPLICATION REFERENCE NUMBER, while the second one is UNIQUE NUMBER. You will see these two numbers in the email. So, go to the mail sent to you where you clicked the link to come this far and copy both numbers and insert in the referee page.

4. If done rightly, the referee form page will come up where you can download the form.

5. Once downloaded, print it out (Black and white or in colour). Fill the referee form and send to the applicant.

6. The applicant can them go back online and upload the referee form.

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Other Possible Challenges for NDU Postgraduate Referees

1. The referee link is showing error: May be network issues. Keep on trying

2. Referee link is showing security threat: Click advance, select continue and the page will pop up.

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3. The referee link opened but I am unable to download the form: If you click the download referee form already, check your download icon in your browser. Firefox will not pop anything up. It will just download. Or go to your download folder in your system.

4. I clicked on advance, but continue did not show: Try using a desktop. Some phones have been noted not to show the continue link.

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If you are having other types of challenges or want to make inquiries, call +2348060699054.

If you click this link, it will take you to WhatsApp to make further inquiries

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